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Nelly B. 🇹🇹


Local finds, adventures and random shenanigans blessednelly@gmail.com

MANZANILLA AND MAYARO with @Road Trip TT !! Now I’m no stranger to Manzanilla and Mayaro BUT! This tour offered such a refreshing difference. From the historical information (which we got A LOT of), to learning more about how many of the families sustain themselves with their businesses, I have a newer perspective and love for the east coast of Trinidad.

We also bought produce from the watermelon farmers and from @dovesdirtovendelight. Unfortunately, there was no cocoa tea this time 🤣 but we still had a blast. Cost of this tour is $375 and for more info email adventure@roadtriptt.com or visit www.roadtriptt.com and join their mailing list.

#roadtriptt #roadtrip #manzanilla #mayaro #visittrinidad #trinitiktok
LET’S GO TO PARAMIN with @Road Trip TT !! I cannot begin to explain how much fun I had on this tour, from the views of the hillsides to everything we ate and drank… and drank. You get the point 😅 if you haven’t had the chance to visit Paramin.
The cost of this tour was $400. I would highly suggest that you visit the @roadtriptt website or joint their mailing list and look out for for more tour info.

#roadtriptt #paramin #ilivewhereyouvacation #trinidad
@Kaytique.Store is located at the Village at Mandalay, Tumpuna Rd Arima and they have a variety of styles from casual to elegant in sizes S-3XL. Their hours are:
Mon-Sat 10-6, Sun by appointment. Make sure you follow them for more info.
First time going to Tamana with @Road Trip TT and I had a blast spending the day at the Tamana Mountain Chocolate Co. where I learned about cocoa processing, plant propagation and so much more. And of course I filled my face with things that tasted amazing and met some lovely new peeps along the way. The cost for this trip was $375 and included all the things that we tasted (with the exception of things that were on sale).

FOLLOW @Road Trip for more info!

#roadtriptt #roadtrip #trinitiktok
WHO DOESN’T LOVE A SALE??!! And what do you do when you get a @brandsourcett gift card? You wait till they have a sale and get a few things. What you saw is the top of thr iceberg of what Brand Source carries, and outside of a sale their prices are affordable too.

#brandsource #brandsourcett #trinidad
#stitch with @Cher Tsian👑 | Life Style UGC Sharing my thoughts on if influencers should sell their PR.
#influencer #contentcreator #pr #tiktok #trinitiktok
Replying to @Beauty Lover As requested m’lady. Here’s a look at what i got in my package from @CeraVe Trinidad launch. #trinidadandtobago #skincare #ceramides
@CeraVe had their official T&T launch and i was so happy to be a part of the event. We leaned so much about the science behind their products, heard feedback from those who use the line as well as gained insight as to why a proper skin care routine is important.

The evening was well spent and while I’m no stranger to the line, I always look forward to trying out their products.
#trini_tiktoks #cerave #ceravelovers #ceraveskincare
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