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Black With No Chaser


THINK Black. LIVE Black. Unapologetically. #BlackWithNoChaser 221K IG 500k FB

Lol I love our sense of humor… also… now why would you put someone else’s stuff on all willy nilly? (Is that how you spell nilly? 😅)  #blackwithnochaser #aka #d9 #hbcu
About 7 years ago we created a battle cry and that Battle Cry has become a movement and a lifestyle- “Black With No Chaser”. Our mission became to inspire a world where we could “Think Black and Live Black Unapologetically.”

5 and a half years ago we started this company - and for the first few months it grew slowly and as time progressed over the next few months the name began to have some buzz. It got people’s attention.

Why Black with no Chaser? Because Code Switching is exhausting. We deserve to thrive in a world where we’ve often been in survival mode. Our Culture drives the heartbeat of the world but often the story gets lost when we don’t control the narrative. Black With No Chaser was created to be an unapologetic safe space for Black People and Black Voices to convene, be amplified, create, and tell our stories our way- Because our joy is revolutionary.

Here we are 5 and a half years later where we started a bootstrapped company from nothing but the dollars we had in our pockets, the skills we all brought to the collective genius, and a relentless will, entrepreneurial spirit, and unparalleled creativity.

We Really Built this and for the first time - we served as CBC media partners. There was a moment where I would think back to when my mom would say - “I imagine you doing media. You’re going to be a legal correspondent.” She was so close and on the set I had to hold back a few tears of joy- Mom you were close- we Built the media and technology company - we on the news AND WE OWN the news, mama! I know you been working your magic for us!

Thank you to my incredible and talented team. This week shows us just how special we are and can be. And this is truly just the beginning. We the coldest team on the planet- and I am supremely confident that any room we are in - we will thrive in. Thank you for your sacrifice, commitment, and belief in what we are building together. I am beyond excited for what comes next. And yes it is definitely coming. And it will be OURS! - @cjlawrenceesq

#blackwithnochaser #cbcf #fortheculture
How to Unlock the Secrets of Strategic Partnerships:

Strategic partnerships are more than just collaborations; they’re transformative alliances that can elevate your brand in remarkable ways.

A **Strategic Partnership** is a purposeful, mutually beneficial relationship between two brands that leverages each other’s strengths, resources, and audience to achieve shared goals. Now, here’s why they’re essential:

1️⃣**Fuel for Growth**: Partnerships provide rocket fuel for your brand’s expansion. They bring fresh perspectives, resources, and reach to the table.

2️⃣ **Mutual Win-Win**: It’s not just about us; it’s about creating a win-win. Partnerships should benefit all parties involved, ensuring longevity.

3️⃣ **Trust and Authenticity**: Partnerships build trust with your audience. Authentic connections resonate, making your brand more relatable.

4️⃣ **Laser-Targeted Reach**: When you align with the right partners, you tap into their audience, gaining access to potential customers who already share interests.

5️⃣ **Clear Goals, Big Impact**: Set clear objectives from the start. Define what success looks like for both sides and maximize impact.

6️⃣ **Proactive Networking**: Actively seek out potential partners who align with your brand’s values and goals. Attend industry events and engage on social media to connect.

7️⃣ **Pitch Your Value**: When approaching potential partners, focus on what you can offer. Highlight your unique strengths and how they can benefit from the partnership.

8️⃣ **Nurture Relationships**: Building relationships takes time. Invest in getting to know your potential partners and their needs before sealing the deal.

9️⃣ **Legal Clarity**: Don’t forget the paperwork. Ensure you have a clear agreement outlining roles, responsibilities, and expectations.

Ready to dive deeper into the art of strategic partnerships?

Save this post for future reference, share it with someone who needs these insights, and be sure to follow @BlackWithNoChaser and @DeeplyRooted07 for more expert advice and exclusive collaborations!
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