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BiteMyWoodShopping & Retail


Flavored and unflavored birchwood toothpicks in bags, jars tubes and sleeves.

How Many Toothpicks Contest
From BiteMyWood

No Purchase Necessary

Rules for Contest:
Must post in comments how many toothpicks are in the glass on this video.

1 comment per user please!

Winner will be picked on October 13th on Instagram.
The person closest to the number above or below wins.

A value of $36 for the hat and $20 for the shirt awarded and shipped priority mail.

Only USA residents qualify to win.

After choosing a winner on October 13th and confirming with the winner we will ship prize.

If first up winner does not respond second closest contestant will be notified and will go down the list until winner is confirmed.

Winner will be notified by Instagram Direct Message from BiteMyWood and has 48hrs to respond after contest end.
If no communication prize is then deemed forfeited.

Contestants can be awarded cash value instead of the merchandise in some states by law

If the same number is chosen by a contestant than the first person gets awarded. Whoever picks the number first and closest wins.

There is 2 prizes valued at 36.00+20.00=56.00 usd

By commenting on this post you give us the right to repost on Instagram, Facebook and TikTok the winner of the contest.

Without all of you followers, customers and contestants we wouldn't be here. God Bless 🙏 and Good Luck 🤞
Please Share With Friends and Family

If you have a minute go take a look at our amazing products at www.bitemywood.com

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Now Introducing Our All American 5 Pack of Flavors

Goodbye Smoking, Hello Flavored Essential Oil Toothpicks: Natural Flavor & Reduced Cravings

10 Benefits of Essential Oil Flavored Toothpicks compared to nicotine gum 1. All-Natural: Essential oil flavored toothpicks are made from all-natural ingredients, whereas nicotine gum contains a synthetic form of nicotine. 2. Reduced Cravings: The flavor of essential oil flavored toothpicks can help to reduce cravings for cigarettes, while nicotine gum is primarily used to reduce nicotine cravings. 3. Oral Stimulation: The flavor of the toothpicks can provide oral stimulation, helping to reduce the urge to smoke, while nicotine gum does not provide this same stimulation. 4. Fresh Breath: Essential oil flavored toothpicks can help to freshen breath and reduce bad smells, while nicotine gum does not provide this same benefit. 5. Variety of Flavors: There are a variety of flavors available for essential oil flavored toothpicks, while nicotine gum only comes in a few flavors. 6. Easy to Use: Essential oil flavored toothpicks are easy to use and require no preparation, while nicotine gum must be chewed for an extended period of time. 7. Portable: Essential oil flavored toothpicks are small and portable, making them easy to carry and store, while nicotine gum can be bulky and inconvenient. 8. Cost-Effective: Essential oil flavored toothpicks are relatively inexpensive, making them a cost-effective way to reduce cravings, while nicotine gum can be expensive, especially for long-term use. 9. Healthy Alternative: Essential oil flavored toothpicks provide a healthier alternative to cigarettes, as they are free from harsh chemicals, while nicotine gum contains synthetic nicotine. 10. Safe: Essential oil flavored toothpicks are safe to use and are free from any side effects, while nicotine gum can cause side effects such as mouth irritation.

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