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Biankha and Friends


Award winning, one of a kind black dolls made for us, by usπŸ‘‘ Mama & Daughter πŸ’œ

Get yourself a Biankha doll to match just like @Jahzara Olivia πŸ₯°πŸ˜πŸ’œ
Available via our website πŸ’« www.biankhaandfriends.com πŸ’œ
#biankhaandfriends #blackgirlmagic #representationmatters #blackdolls #love
There were many points when I wanted to give up this year. Wearing numerous hats can really grind you down and being an #empath I feel things probably a lot deeper than I maybe should.
The main drive in my life though is my daughter. My efforts being the best example I can be to her and providing everything in my power for her to have a fulfilled life and best start. This also extends to the young girls (past and present) I serve in my ' Young Queens Project ', the students I teach and all the little ones that have had the Biankha experience.
I'm very humbled to be included on the King's 2023 #newyearshonourslist and it's just the motivation I needed to push forward into the New Year.
We have some very exciting things coming to fruition in 2023. Thankyou to every single person that has encouraged, supported and kept me going πŸ’œ. I am so grateful πŸ™πŸ½
#biankhaandfriends #23honourslist #BEM #servicestoeducation #love #lovewins #blackdolls #newyears
biankha umbrella βœ…
Biankha croc charms βœ…
#cuteness βœ…

get yours at www.biankhaandfriends.com

The perfect #backtoschool backpack 😍 . Available via our website πŸ’«πŸ’œ. www.biankhaandfriends.com πŸ’œ, with FREE UK delivery πŸ‘‘
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