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Bernadette Logue ("B")


Spiritual Life Coach ✨Align with Your Soul✨ for a Life of Purpose & Fulfillment



Your intuition is the most reliable navigation aid you have. It's the wisdom of your soul and Source whispering to you...
Showing you what is RESONANT and what is DISSONANT for you. Showing you what to move INTO and what to move AWAY from. Showing you what path is most aligned, and what paths are not.

The mind is great and logic is wonderful, but the mind has limitations.

The most powerful answers for navigating your life will come from the deepest, most true, authentic part of who you are. Your soul.
It will nudge you to know the situations, people, places, obligations, energies and issues that need your attention for change.
It will guide you to step into openings, opportunities and pathways that will most light up your heart and expand your life to the fullest.

You are soul first, mind body second. When you get aligned to your soul Self and make it your home base from which you operate, that's when your life begins to flow with more ease.
You no longer look to the world around you to tell you who you are, what to do, what path to take or where your happiness, purpose, fulfillment and magic exist.
You instead know ALL you need is WITHIN you and you trust that over and above everything else.

That doesn't mean you ignore your logic, but it's about balancing your intuition and logic, letting your soul lead, and using your mind to make sense and implement.

You deserve to live a life that is WHOLLY right for you. Attending to your needs, your dreams, your most flowing journey...

If you're ready to more deeply align with your soul and to walk the path you're soul came here for - you can get more support, resources and practical guidance with me by:

💜 Dropping me a comment here and I'll reply back.
💜 Grabbing a copy of my new book for an A-Z of understanding your soul, purpose, and the journey you're here to walk:

💜 Visiting my website to find out more including how we can work together to have you rapidly shift into living your most soul-aligned life of purpose, fulfillment and magic.

Much love

#intuition #intuitive #soul #spirit #spiritual #spirituality #spiritualgrowth #spiritualtiktok #purpose
Dealing with #uncertainty #change #unexpected events… just these words can make us freak out, triggering #stress #fear #anxiety #worry
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