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Berlin Art Week


#BerlinArtWeek takes place from 13—17 SEP 2023. www.berlinartweek.de

One last time we are back on studio tour—in collaboration with @Berlin Art Link . On spotlight today: Su Yu Hsin 🌟

In a Kreuzberg backyard, the artist and filmmaker welcomes us in her bright studio, which she shares with another artist. Her desk is very tidy, the books, stones and other small objects are neatly arranged around the computer. Su Yu Hsin’s artistic practice is strongly research-based and involves fieldwork investigating the political ecologies of water. Her storytelling focuses on cartography, operational photography and the technical production of geographical knowledge. Learn more about Su Yu Hsin’s artistic practice in the article by Gillian Osborne from Berlin Art Link, accompanied by photos by Curtis Hughes.

The artist’s work will be on show during #BerlinArtWeek in the exhibition ›Image Ecology‹ at C/O Berlin. Save the date: the opening takes place on 15 SEP at 8pm!

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Check out our new ›Guide to Berlin Art Week‹! Today’s spotlight: our BAW Garten programme at @neue nationalgalerie 🌳
📍 BAW GARTEN—Festival Centre 
13—17 SEP 2023 
all day
›Frucht-Ecke‹ with Caique Tizzi
daily from 2—4pm
on sustanability 
with Motus Gallery and more
›Ohne Bäume keine Träume‹ with Ephra
with artists and actors from the festival programme
›PERFORM!‹ by Neue Nationalgalerie
with studio Yoko Ono, Göksu Kunak and more 
daily 5pm
with Videoart at Midnight
and artists from the festival programme
daily 8.30—9.30pm
with Refuge Worldwide and more 
daily 8—10pm
Come by and say hi! Find more details on our website.
#BerlinArtweek2023 #NeueNationalgalerie #ArtInBerlin #ArtGuide #ForYouPage
Ready for a little sneak peek?! 👀

The exhibition setup has begun—the gallery openings of
#BerlinArtWeek are just around the corner. At neugerriemschneider gallery located at Christinenstraße we have caught a first glimpse of the exhibition ›Know Thyself‹ by Ai Weiwei, who has reinterpreted world-famous artworks in thousands of Lego bricks.

Save the date: the opening takes place on 13 SEP, 6—9pm. 💚

#BerlinArtWeek2023 #Neugerriemschneider #GalleryOpening #AiWeiwei #BerlinGallery #ArtInBerlin #ForYouPage
Let’s continue with our studio tour—in collaboration with @Berlin Art Link , we visit today: Via Lewandowsky 👏

His studio in Moabit is a playground, a hodgepodge of funny things and gadgets. Here it ticks, lights up and suddenly wobbles. Via Lewandowsky is a tinkerer and you can definitely see that at his workplace. His work includes sculpture, sound, public art and performance, among other things. A fascination with the stuff of daily life is what drives his work. He likes to end the working day with a game of table tennis. Read more about the studio visit and his work in the new article written by Dagmara Genda from Berlin Art Link which is accompanied with photos by Laura Schaeffer.

Via Lewandowsky’s work is part of the exhibition ›SchlagLicht‹ at Stiftung Kunstforum Berliner Volksbank in collaboration with Kunststiftung DZ Bank. Opening as part of #BerlinArtWeek , the exhibition casts its spotlight on a direct exchange between the genres of painting, graphic arts, sculpture, photography and video while revealing shared, thought-provoking impulses. Save the date: The exhibition will be on view from 13 SEP! 🌟

#BerlinArtWeek2023 #StudioVisit #ViaLewandowsky #ArtInBerlin #ForYouPage
We happily present you our new ›Guide to Berlin Art Week‹! To kick things off, we’re beginning by showcasing unmissable performances taking place from SEP 13—17 2023 🤸‍💚

Exhibition ›Unbound: Performance as Rupture‹
@Julia Stoschek Foundation
Opening 13 SEP, 6—10pm

@LAS_artfoundation presents:
Performance ›GORGON‹ by Marianna Simnett
📍 Hebbel am Ufer HAU2
13—17 SEP, 8pm

Performance ›La Chola Poblete and Lola Bhajan‹
📍 PalaisPopulaire
15 SEP, 7—8pm

Performance ›What Stays The Same After We Change II‹ by Filipka Rutkowska
📍 Pickle Bar by Slavs and Tatars
15 SEP, 7—7.40pm / 8—8.40pm

Performance ›Head against the Wall‹ by Alain Arias-Misson
📍 Archivio Conz
15 SEP, 7.30pm

›A sunday afternoon‹ with artworks, performances and open studios
📍 Haubrok Foundation at FAHRBEREITSCHAFT
17 SEP, noon—8pm

Performance ›VENUS‹ by @goeksu_kunak as part of ›Perform!‹
📍 @neue nationalgalerie
16 SEP 7.45pm

Where are you at? Find more events at berlinartweek.de

#BerlinArtWeek #BerlinArtWeek2023 #Performances #ArtInBerlin #ArtGuide #ForYouPage
Ready for another studio visit? On spotlight today: Anan Fries 💫

We were able to visit the artist at their workplace in Kreuzberg. A small, light-flooded room with a shelf full of meaningful trinkets for the artist, such as the ›Posthuman Glossary‹, VR glasses, and a desk which hosts their computers. From time to time, however, Anan Fries also works in other rooms in order to have more space to work—for example, at HAU Berlin, a venue which has been an important collaborator for many years. Read more about the studio visit and their work in the new article written by Olivia Ladanyi from
@Berlin Art Link which is accompanied with photos by Ryan Molnar. Check out their website for more!

Anan Fries is interested in the interconnectivity of nature and technology. With ›[Posthuman Wombs]‹ , they create a world in which all bodies can become pregnant, vanquishing the boundaries between the biological separation of the sexes. The artist is nominated for the VR ART PRIZE and part of the exhibition ›Unleashed Utopias‹ at Haus am Lützowplatz, where five different artists present their work using virtual reality to imagine alternative utopian scenarios and different societal realities.

‼ Don’t miss Anan Fries‘ performance on 13 SEP, at 8pm as part of the programme of the ›Digital Art Lab‹—the first digital art venue in a festival setting at Haus am Lützowplatz.

#BerlinArtWeek #BerlinArtWeek2023 #DigitalArtLab #DigitalArt #AnanFries #HausAmLuetzowplatz #VRArt
This year, as part of #BerlinArtWeek , the Haubrok Foundation at Fahrbereitschaft will host a program of musical contributions, performances, and talks on 17 SEP 2023.

Jean-Pascal Flavien and Natalie Czech kick off with ›response / response‹, in which Czech invites writers to respond to existing poems and captures this photographically. On the occasion of ›A Sunday Afternoon‹, she enters into an exchange with Flavien's ›make-up house‹, an architectural intervention that regularly hosts ephemeral positions.

The programme also includes open studios as well as the exhibition spaces of the collection show ›The Collection‹ curated by Krist Gruijthuijsen. Even more awaits you at Fahrbereitschaft—
›being sound‹, a guided meditation with Ayumi Paul, a series of different performative contributions by Garage Tanz, Susan Philipsz and Luca Diebold,
›visitors unplug excerpts‹ by Constanza Macras | dorkypark and ›listening cities—taipei‹ by the ensemble KNM Berlin.

Stop by and spend the last day of the festival week on the grounds of Fahrbereitschaft in Lichtenberg.🌿

#BerlinArtWeek2023 #ArtInBerlin #OpenHouse #Fahrbereitschaft #HaubrokFoundation #HaubrokCollection #ForYouPage
We're back on our studio tour, in collaboration with @Berlin Art Link  - Visiting today: Marianna Simnett!✨

In her studio in Siemensstadt, on the site of a former light bulb factory, Marianna Simnett, smiling and well-spoken, guides us around. It becomes quickly apparent that her genre-bending practice spans a myriad of mediums. The majority of her time is currently taken up by her project ›Gorgon‹. As part of #BerlinArtWeek , @LAS_artfoundation will present the world premiere of Marianna Simnett’s first stage performance at Hebbel am Ufer (HAU2, 13 SEP—17 SEP 2023). In this work, the multidisciplinary artist draws on Greek mythology to explore love, envy, power, and empathy in the age of machine learning.

Read more about the studio visit and her work in the article from Berlin Art Link who will also provide editorial support for the following studio visits. The article was written by Eva Szwarc and studio photos were taken by Curtis Hughes 🔗 Check out the website: https://www.berlinartlink.com/category/studio-visits/ 
Please note that all performances of ›Gorgon‹ are already sold out.

#StudioVisit #BerlinArtWeek2023 #MariannaSimnett #LASArtFoundation #ArtInBerlin #HAUBerlin #ForYouPage
Looking back to Berlin Art Week 2022 & to all the amazing and inspiring outfits, we can’t wait to see what you will pull out your closets for this year’s #BerlinArtWeek from 13—17 SEP 2023!  🧃
#ForYouPage #ArtWatcher #ArtInBerlin  
Photo Credits: Conrad Bauer, Charlotte Landwehr, Jannis Uffrecht, Oana Popa-Costea, Carolin Weinkopf for Berlin Art Week.
Here we go: our trailer for this year‘s #BerlinArtWeek is out now! 💚

From 13—17 SEP 2023, Berlin‘s art museums, galleries, fairs, private collections and project spaces will open their doors for Berlin Art Week—Go and check out our website for all exhibitions and events!

► https://berlinartweek.de/en/

Video: Büro Bungalow

#BerlinArtWeek2023 #KulturprojekteBerlin
Shoutout to all art strollers and watchers 👀
#BerlinArtWeek audience definitely knows how to do fashion!

We can't wait to see you at this year's 12th edition. SAVE THE DATE: 13—17 SEP 2023!
#ArtWatcher #KulturprojekteBerlin #ForYouPage #ArtInBerlin

Photo Credits: Clemens Porikys, Bastian Thiery, Carolin Weinkopf, Jannis Uffrecht, Lale Yürür, Oana Popa-Costea, Conrad Bauer for Berlin Art Week.
All eyes on our new refreshing #BerlinArtWeek colour and save the sate for this year‘s 12th edition: 13—17 Sep 2023! 💚 Stay tuned to not miss any info! #ArtInBerlin #KulturprojekteBerlin #ForYouPage
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