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Be Powderful


A blend of functional mushrooms, adaptogens, spices, and zinc. www.powderful.com



"I have to give you a honest and frank review of your product. I am not a big believer or fan of miracle powders, elixers, extracts and all that mumble jumble snake oil stuff because I just feel like 3/4 of that shit is bullshit. Just being honest. But if 3/4 is bullshit that means 1/4 of it isn't.  It is working really amazing, it is like night and day when I take it and when I don't. My wife has even noticed it. For me the main thing I feel is less tired. When I take it its not like I feel more jittery or happy, I feel more balanced and awake and in tune like i did when I was 22 and not how I feel when I am 40. So thumbs up on Powderful. Thank you thank you." #ashwagandha #ashwagandhabenefits #wellness #naturesadderall #lionsmane #cordyceps #mentalclarityandfocus #holybasil #reishi #reishimushrooms #productreviews  created by Be Powderful with 's Midnight
#PerfectPrideMovement we are proud with pride! Powderful is packed with 11 adaptogens and zinc to keep your immune system strong and your mind clear with calm focused energy! #happypride
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