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Bella Touch Skin Care


Natural Skin Care & Beauty Products 🌺 100% hand made & vegan 🌱 No chemicals

🌿🌺Hydrating body oil🌺🌿

What are the body oil benefits?

There’s a long list on why body oils can be beneficial. Here are just some of the top reasons why:
Body oils are actually non-greasy:
As opposed to body butters or lotions, body oils moisturize the skin without a heavy and greasy finish. Its fast-absorbing and immediately leaves the skin feeling soft than greasy.
Soothes and heals dry skin:
The changing weather is one of the main factors for skin to become dry. May it be the cold air, lack of humidity, or overexposure to the sun further harms the skin barrier that also adds to the loss of moisture and hydration. Body oils on the other hand, replenishes the moisture and soothes dull and dry skin.
For glowing skin:
Regular massaging with body oils, improves skin texture and its elasticity. It also helps exfoliate the skin and rejuvenate it, giving us a clear, healthy, glowing complexion.
For overall health and well-being:
Massaging the body with oils also help improve blood circulation, reduces muscle pain, and gives relief from joint pain. With regular use, it may even help reduce stress and anxiety. It detoxifies the body that pushes out toxins that helps us relax and frees us from negative energy.

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