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Adria Thompson


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This is a big moment for many caregivers. The time will come when an individual with dementia will need more assistance during showering and bathing. It can be a difficult time to figure out how to maneuver! Not only can it be embarrassing for the person with dementia but also for their caregiver. This is the technique I often employ.

For a person who doesn’t like anyone to be in the room, it's often not best to start out saying things like, “Well, you aren’t doing it right so I have to help you now!” or “You’ve fallen 3 times. You can’t be in here by yourself anymore.” Instead, using this non-confrontational approach to have a reasonable excuse to step into the bathroom may make them feel less scared or threatened. At first, you may just need to be nearby… just in case. Or perhaps you may need to give reminders like, “Oh, while I’m in here, I just was going to make sure you have enough shampoo. It’s in the blue bottle. Make sure to put that in your hair!”

As time goes on, more will be required. However, this is an easy way to ease into the idea of being nearby.

Have you had to do this yet?

For more tips like these (and so many more!) watch out for my Dementia Shower Guide course coming soon!
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