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Beerstory Brewhouse


Home brewer and beer geek 😃🍻 Making how to videos and recipes

👉 Brasserie d’Orval 👉 Orval 👉 Belgian Pale Ale 👉 ABV 6.2% 👉 Bought at @khiosk

The legend! The one and only!! Orval is a true legend for all the right reasons! 😃😃💪🤘 It’s a unique beer with a great history and on top of that it developes like no other beer, when it is aged 😃🍻 A fresh Orval is a bitter, dry, sweet, fruity pale ale with a good dryhope that gives you herbs, spice and floral notes 😃😃🍻 Combines with the fruity ester from the yeast it is just a perfect beer!!! 😃🍻 It has no phenols from the yeast; no peber, no clove… just all the lovely fruity esters combines with the hops and the bitterness 😃😃😃🍻 It’s only 6.2% ABV and hoppy, so it shouldn’t be a good beer to age, but it is bottle conditioned with brettanomyces wich makes it dry and keeps developing unique flavours!! An Orval is best at 6-9 months, but I recommend you to buy 5 and drink one every 6 months to see the unique development!! 😃🤘🤘 One of the best beers in the world!! Oh yes, and it’s also a trappist beer brewed by monks since 1931 😃💪💪💪🍻

Beerstories is a blog and youtubechannel with documentaries and video instruction for homebrewers and more…
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