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Becka Eppley


She/Her | Pan | Writer | Speaker | Podcaster Learning & Evolving Daily

@Here 4 the Kids - Reposting @cassieuhl -“💚 Are you a fellow pale woman who wants to end gun violence in the US? If you’re here solely for the crystals and smoke cleansing, it’s time to take it up a level. Here’s an opportunity. Show up in Denver, CO on June 5th in support of @here4thekidsaction

Witches & magical folk have long been political, especially in recent times. Why? Our practices are rooted in love and respect for the earth, including humans and most importantly oppressed and vulnerable folks. When structures of domination seek to harm the web of life and the powers that be are not only complicit but contributing to harm, I take action with my magic and my body because I can and I should. I hope you’ll join me in taking action on June 5th to end gun violence.

@here4thekidsaction “is a movement of unexplored and unprecedented action led by Black, brown, indigenous, women of color with a team of white women working behind the scenes to end gun violence in the United States.

The Here 4 the Kids movement calls on Colorado Governor Jared Polis to sign an Executive Order to ban guns and implement a statewide buyback program. To achieve this goal, we are organizing a sit-in of 25,000+ white women from around the country on Monday, June 5, at 5am in Denver, Colorado.

Our movement is led by Black, brown, indigenous, women of color and honors the six hundred Black civil rights leaders and peaceful demonstrators who began their journey from Selma to Montgomery in 1965 and their sacrifice and efforts, which led to The Voting Rights Act of 1965.

We respectfully ask white women to put their bodies on the ground as marginalized communities have always done and continue to do.” - H4TK

“Life celebration is always a threat to those bent on destruction.” - Drawing Down the Moon

Visit @here4thekidsaction to learn more, RSVP, or volunteer. Or, DM me directly with questions. Hope to see you there. 💜 Cassie”

[Video ID: a white woman with shoulder length blonde hair wearing a sun hat, sitting on the ground talking to camera while gardening] #here4thekids #here4thekidsaction #wecanwewill
@Here 4 the Kids - “We just emailed Governor Jared Polis our Executive Order along with this mock-up of him on the cover of TIME magazine.

Demonstrating what COULD BE!

Within our email, we told the Governor that his surrender to the Second Amendment has resulted in the ongoing genocide of children in the United States and that we will no longer abide by this surrender and yield to personal and systemic failure.

We implored him to seize this moment to sign this historic executive order and claim unprecedented victory.

ACTION: Now that the Governor has the Executive Order, it’s time for us to call, email, and visit his office, asking when he will sign it!!

CALL: Constituent Services Help Line: (303) 866-2885; Governor’s Office, Front Desk: (303) 866-2471

EMAIL: Governorpolis@state.co.us

VISIT: State Capitol Building, 200 E. Colfax Ave., Rm. 136, Denver, CO 80203

“By signing this executive order, you will go down in history as the leader who stepped up to save the children of the United States from genocide. If you do not sign it, no doubt another Governor will. Another Governor will choose children over guns. Another Governor will choose heroism and humanity over continued cowardice and profit.”

Let’s remind the Governor how much this means to us all! That NOTHING is more important.

Please email, call, and visit his office to ask him when he will sign the Executive Order and how he wishes to be remembered: Greatest American Hero or Villain?

[Video ID: A mock-up of Governor Jared Polis on the cover of TIME magazine – person of the year for saving the kids!]” #here4thekids #here4thekidsaction
@hello_whitewomen and @here4thekidsaction - “The Second Amendment was written for white supremacy and now it is killing everyone. It is time for we the people — especially white moms — to use our power and privilege to be here for the kids. Gun violence is the number one killer of kids in America. Black kids, Brown kids, white kids. ALL KIDS. Yet what are we hearing about everyday in the media? What are we seeing in our social feeds? Bans on books. Bans on DEI. Bans on drag. Bans on Black legislators. Bans on healthcare!


On June 5 at 5am, 25,000+ of us will exercise our First Amendment rights and show up on the lawn of the Capitol in Denver, Colorado, demanding Governor Polis of Colorado signs an Executive Order banning GUNS and buying them back. #here4thekids #here4thekidsaction #june5th #whitewomen #directaction #momsoftiktok #whitewomansinstagram
#duet with @amandaseales #guncontrolsaveschildrenslives ! My fellow racialized white women it's time, it’s way past time, to demand that the government ACTUALLY protects our kids them with a gun ban! Join the revolution. We need all hands on deck for this to happen. Will you commit to joining us in Denver June 5? Follow @here4thekidsaction and RSVP at Here4TheKids.com (link in my bio)

#here4thekids #gunviolanceneedstostop @underthedesknews #june5 #denvercolorado
We are kicking off Season 5 of Permission to Be Podcast by welcoming back to the podcast our friend @myishathillofficial Myisha is an author, speaker, and founder of Check Your Privilege. Check our her latest book, Heal Your Way Forward: The Co-Conspirators Guide to An Antiracist Future at MyishaTHill.com

You can listen to our full conversation at PermissionToBePodcast.com or anywhere you listen to podcasts!

Closed Captioning Reads:
Not everybody hungers for it.
No, we don't hunger for possibility because we don't tap into our
creativity, our imagination or play, right?
And so we're not tapping into that which is connected to the
matriarchal energy or the childlike energy.
We're just doing what white supremacy wants us to do.
Produce and consume.
Produce and consume, and we stay disconnected from the heart
space. #healyourwayforward @rowhousepub #myishathill #coconspirators #checkyourprivilege #antiracismeducation #antiracismeducation #blackfemaleauthors #learnmoredobetter #traumahealing
On a recent flight back to the States, American Airlines did not handle @Andre Henry luggage gently. Not only did the airlines break a bag, but they also broke an essential piece of musical equipment that Andre needs to record music. Not having this equipment will greatly slow Andre’s ability to make music.

Music is a part of Andre’s safety plan. Making as much music as possible is one of two critical things for Andre’s soul to thrive. Go to IG @theandrehenry to watch a recent Instagram post Andre created to learn more.

Give what you can, give out of love, with no expectations or strings attached. Give because radical community is essential to “telling the world it doesn’t have to be this way.”

https://gofund.me/bc7e6f19 (link also in my bio)
##andrehenry ##radicalcommunity ##itdoesnthavetobethisway ##americanairlines ##gofundme ##supportblackartists
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