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Adrienne body-affirming barre


body affirming barre app & online certification collab@barreeclipse.com

Replying to @Aranza Aguilera online barre teacher training can be super effective - here is how to teach barre in 5 weeks or more. #barrecertification #pilatesinstructor #pilatescertificationprogram #yogateachertraining #barreteachertraining
Replying to @Lauren Marie pilates core balls are amazing because they can be used in SO many different ways. Pairing one with weights here ups the intensity, but bodyweight moves can be just as spicy—just do these shapes without a prop ✨ Here is a quick total body workout that will leave you feeling more present and connected to your body! #bodyweightworkout #barre #pilates #fitnesstips
Replying to @sophie marie here is a breakdown of these non-traditional core moves! Working our core lets us approach our lives from a stronger center ✨ And if you want to try out Barre Eclipse, you can sign up for our 30 day bodyweight calendar for free this month! #bodyweightworkout #barre #pilates #fitnesstips
Replying to @Aranza Aguilera I designed the online Barre Eclipse training to help empower ANYONE to become a barre teacher—and you can download the curriculum for free! It’s not just *what* you teach, it’s *how* you teach, and a good teacher training course gives you the HOW so you can create infinite classes.

So in my online course, you get a method blueprint - it’s like the “bones” of your class. You could teach JUST the blueprint and have a solid and consistent class, but it is designed for you to build upon it and create variations within it, too. #barretraining #barreteacher #yogainstructor #fitnessinstructor #pilates
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