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Jennifer Anne Kinder


✊We are a Dallas-based personal injury law firm & the #SwiftiesLawyer 🎶🎟️

We want to ensure that people have the tools to fight Ticketmaster’s monopoly! Lawsuits are just one mechanism to hold Ticketmaster accountable. We need a multi-pronged strategy to tackle this multi-BILLION dollar corporation. So petition the Department of Justice, advocate for new legislation, and raise your voice for the changes you want to see.  In our polarized political climate, fighting Ticketmaster is one of the least controversial issues out there!  🙌🎟️ #FansUnite When people minimize fighting for equitable entertainment, – they miss the point that corporate consolidation and monopolies extreme consequences across industries. Addressing antitrust in one industry will carry over into others! It is all connected! #ticketmaster #swifties #takedownticketmaster #breakupticketmaster #monopoly #greatwar #erastour
In the @TIME’s article @taylorswift movingly discusses the pain of losing her masters to Scooter Braun, as well as Kim Kardashian releasing an illegal & manipulated recording. 😾Kim’s new private equity partner Jay Sammons had his hands on Taylor’s masters too.


KIM Kardashian has just announced a major new venture, but Taylor Swift fans are slamming the business partner she chose.

The reality star revealed she has teamed up with Jay Sammons on a new private equity firm focused on investing in and building consumer and media businesses.

She named the new venture SKKY partners.

But the decision seems to put Kim squarely at odds with old nemesis Taylor, 32, who has a unique connection to Jay.

And Swifties are speaking out.
It turns out, Jay was part of the group that financially backed Scooter Braun in buying Taylor's record label, which led to a messy fight between the Grammy winner and the talent manager, and forced Taylor to re-record many of her greatest hits.

Now, as Jay teams with Kim, Taylor's fans are lashing out.

"Kim hooking up w/ a Scooter Braun partner, it all makes sense now," one fan tweeted, while adding a snake emoji.

One Swiftie accused the reality star in a tweet: "Kim sinks to new levels of low to keep this feud relevant this is gross."

"JAY SAMMONS????" another expressed. "His expertise and her fame, oh lord she’s about to unlock new levels of evil."


#swifties #personoftheyear
We are excited that fan lawsuits were mentioned in Time magazine article on @Taylor Swift being the Person of the Year!

We are so impressed with the activism that has been inspired by regular folks ❤️ of art!

PS: Ticketmaster has another investigation not mentioned here…


November 21, 2023:

"Live Nation has egregiously stonewalled my Subcommittee’s inquiry into its abusive consumer practices — making the subpoena necessary," @SenBlumenthal, Democratic chair of the U.S. Senate Permanent Subcommittee on Investigations.

#ticketmaster #personoftheyear #swifties #doj #investigation #monopoly #takedownticketmaster #fansunite #swifttok #swifties
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