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A safe sleep environment can help reduce the risk of SIDS and other sleep-related causes of infant death, like suffocation. When choosing a crib or bassinet for your baby, look for one that meets the regulations of trusted authorities such as the AAP @ameracadpeds) or the @lullabytrust

Featured here is the bassinet by @4moms_middleeast, which meets all regulations of the AAP to ensure sleep safety for infants. With added features that can help your baby fall asleep and stay asleep for longer by mimicking parents’ gentle movements when soothing their baby, such as swaying.

Safe Sleep Advice:

😴Room Sharing & Co-sleeping
Babies should sleep for the first 6 months, or better yet, until their first birthday in the same room as you. New statistics say room-sharing can lower the risk of SIDS by as much as 50%. Some parents do choose to co-sleep so experts recommend making your bed a safer place if you choose to bed share.

- Keep pillows, sheets, blankets away from your baby or other items that could obstruct your baby’s breathing or cause them to overheat.
- Make sure baby won’t fall out of bed or get trapped between the mattress or between you and your partner in the bed.

😴Secure Bedding
Your babys crib should be free of bumper pads, quilts, blankets, pillows, soft toys, positioning devices, or reachable toys with strings. Make sure the mattress is firm, and always use a tightly fitted sheet.

😴Safe Sleep Position
Every time you put your infant down to sleep, place them with their face upward laying on their back. Your baby should sleep that way until they can roll from back-to-front and front-to-back.

😴Clothes and Covers
When dressing your baby for bedtime, a one-piece sleeper or sleep sack is the best choice. Depending on the season, it can be lightweight or thick. It’s best not to use a blanket at all.

The chance of SIDS is higher in babies who get too hot, so try to keep the room temperature between 16 -20°C

😴Talk to All Caregivers
Go over steps with nannies, grandparents, anyone who cares for the infant.

Rest easy knowing your baby is safe!

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