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Feras Al kabir


Statement of style and individuality, Designers of unique timepieces

The ARABIAN Horses
B360, over the years, has showcased its dexterity in how it incorporates art into its wonderfully crafted watch collections. As a brand known for its rich cultural taste, B360 has introduced a new watch collection called
#the #arabian

Arabian Horses are an #exclusive collection that bolsters B360’s cultural statement with a refined high level of craftsmanship and enhanced technology for exceptional aestheticism. Arabian #horses have a success story, a highly cherished part of history amongst the Arab cultures.

Traditionally seen as a symbol of power, #nobility , #grace , and intelligence, bound with good virtues, Arabian Horses are one of the oldest and purest breeds in the world that have transcended centuries.

Both in war and good times, they have demonstrated loyalty to their owners. As such, they are treated with utmost respect and care. B360 aims to replicate this success story in its watch collection. You too can show your nobility, power and intelligence by owning this unique breed.

We have created over 70 hand-painted watches, one for each horse. Each watch comes with a signed certificate by our artists and is marked as 1 out of 1.
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