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#glowup idk tbh.. #fatlosstips #weightlosscoach #fyp #foryou created by Azri #1 FAT LOSS COACH 💪🏼 with ABRAHAM LINCOLN's original sound
“IS THIS ACTUALLY TRUE?” 📨 me ‘Coach’ on |G if you need advice


Are you stuck trying to lose the belly and build muscle but don’t know where to start?

You want to know what works but it’s all so confusing…

I get it. There’s 100 different people saying 100 different things

And you don’t know who to listen to because they’re all ‘experts’ or have a great body

I’ve been there before, unfit and making no progress, just looking for answers

I thought I was eating right and ‘I knew what to do but just needed to do it’

And I just kept gaining and losing the same weight..still stuck with the belly rolls

✅ I’ll make it simple for you and explain what you just watched

Because everyone’s saying the same thing but in different ways (not all correct)👇

⭐️ “If you eat less, you will lose weight”

✅ Yes and no. If you eat less CALORIES to put you in a DEFICIT. You WILL lose weight over time

⭐️ “If you eat less + protein & fibre, you will lose body fat”

✅ Fibre can help you feel more full, making it EASIER to stay in a caloric deficit

✅ Eating enough protein can prevent the risk of losing muscle & can help you grow muscle tissue

✅ You don’t choose if the weight you lose is body fat but…

✅ eating less CALORIES in a DEFICIT will make sure you will lose weight & fat over time

⭐️ “If you eat less + protein & fibre + strength train, you will lose body fat + gain muscle”

✅ Once again, yes and no. Being in a deficit and doing the above can help you optimise those goals

But losing fat AND gaining muscle OPTIMALLY, that’s a different topic

There’s a few categories of people who are in a good position to do so

And I’ve broken it down in a FREE video guide to make this easier for you

If you want it, comment ‘Fat muscle’

Part 2 on food choices coming up
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Is this even correct?⁣

Trying to lose the belly fat & build muscle, but not sure where to begin?⁣

Do you find it confusing to figure out what actually works?⁣

I understand, with so many different opinions & ‘experts’ ⁣

It’s difficult to know whom to trust.⁣

I've been in your shoes before⁣

Feeling out of shape & unable to make any progress⁣

Desperately searching for answers…⁣

I thought I had a good grasp on eating ‘healthy’⁣

And ‘knew what needed to be done’⁣

But for some reason, I was just fluctuating…⁣

Gaining and losing the same weight, with stubborn belly rolls still there…⁣

Let me simplify things for you…⁣

Despite everyone saying essentially the same thing in different ways (not all of which are correct), here are the key points:⁣

Claim: "If you eat less, you will lose weight."⁣

Clarification: Yes and no. In order to lose weight, you must consume fewer CALORIES, creating a caloric deficit. ⁣

Claim: "If you eat less, consume protein and fiber, you will lose body fat."⁣

Clarification: Including fiber in your diet can help you feel more satisfied, making it easier to maintain a caloric deficit. ⁣

Consuming sufficient protein not only prevents muscle loss but also aids in muscle growth⁣

You cannot specifically choose where the weight loss occurs. ⁣

However, by consuming fewer calories and creating a caloric deficit, you will eventually lose weight and fat⁣

Claim: "If you eat less, consume protein and fiber, and engage in strength training, you will lose body fat and gain muscle."⁣

Clarification: Once again, this is partially true. ⁣

Creating a caloric deficit and incorporating strength training can help you optimize your goals of losing fat and gaining muscle.⁣

However, achieving optimal results in both fat loss and muscle gain simultaneously is a different subject. ⁣

Stay tuned for Pt.2 and comment ‘Fat loss’ if you need help
#nutritiontips #weightlossforbeginners #fatlosshelp #weightlosscoach #fyp
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