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This shot was taken yesterday by my friend just after Sholto’s rescue from a ravine. We thought at this point he may pull through. We thought his eyes could be ticking oddly because of the sedatives the vet administered so three county heavy lifting rescue teams could lift him to safety. We thought he might need to rest from struggling overnight to upright himself from the slick steam bank. Unfortunately, we thought wrong.

Sholto came to us just four weeks ago. He was a rescue badly battered but so deserving of a second chance at life. The three emergency vets concluded after 6 hours of life saving support yesterday, that Sholto had central nervous damage, likely from a stroke or brain aneurysm. I don’t have the medical knowledge nor experience to understand their findings… surely a horse who seemed healthy the night before and had wandered off and fallen into a ravine was just tired, sore, and dehydrated. But so many symptoms pointed to a serious issue: his gums were pale, his eyes twitching, his blood was clotting and rejecting a catheter, he lost muscle control and the ability to regain it, he wandered off from my herd, somehow escaped intact electrical fencing, and found his way to a back corner of my property alone. I had to place my trust in those who have more medical knowledge than I. He was humanely sent to cross the rainbow bridge, where my Finnegan is surely waiting for him on the other side.

This freak occurrence sucks. But I know he came here to find love and respite just for a few weeks so he could pass knowing love. Thank you to those who prayed and sent light to us yesterday. We felt it.
🍠Essentials for Growing Sweet Potatoes //
Sweet potatoes aren’t really potatoes. They’re tropical plants with edible roots in the morning glory family. As such, the harvest should be cured differently to create a sweeter flavor.

🌱Start by planting after the last frost. You can do slips or plant an entire sweet potato. Make sure the soil is loose and nutrient-dense as these are heavy feeding plants.

🌱Apply a dense layer of straw or mulch at planting time to retain moisture and prevent weeds. I do 10-12” thick. Grow undisturbed all season—no pruning of vines is necessary.

🌱Stop watering about 7-10 days before you plan to harvest. This prevents cracked skin on the potatoes.

🌱Harvest with your hands if possible by carefully moving back the vines, soil, and mulch. Lift without a shovel to avoid puncturing the potatoes.

🌱Sweet potatoes need heat and humidity to cure. I harvest mine when the forecast shows temps are soon to dip and the plant begins to yellow. Do not wash the tubers.

🌱A shady dry table outdoors is great for curing. Sweet potatoes need 80°F+ temps and 90% humidity according to The Farmer’s Almanac. Cure for two to three weeks before storing long term in a dark, cool, aerated location.

🌱Sweet potatoes are an amazing ground cover in food forest systems and also do well when grown with sunflowers!

🦌Note: deer LOVE sweet potato vines
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