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Bestselling YA author. https://www.amazon.com/Amy-Quick-Parrish/e/B01FV20WUO

When vengeance awakens, destiny takes flight.

On the harsh fringes of the US/Mexico border, life for shy, teenager Janey Santiago revolves around her father's convenience store and the enigmatic new hired hand, Augusto Trueno. But concealed beneath the store's mundane shelves and swirling dust storms lurks a secret: her seemingly ordinary father is a vigilante fighting the region's rising crime.

Tragedy strikes in the most gruesome form when her father's hidden double life is unearthed. In an instant, Janey helplessly witnesses his violent end at the front counter of their family shop. Simultaneously, she falls victim to the assailant's gunfire, but rather than meet the same end, a peculiar blue light flows into her, imbuing her with unimaginable powers.

Driven by the heavy mantle of her father's legacy and her newfound abilities, Janey finds herself in the heart of a perilous crusade. The fate of her beleaguered town and the lives of the people she loves most hang in the balance.
As the dark underworld of their town surfaces, Janey and Augusto uncover a sinister truth buried deep within a clandestine tunnel. Their plan? A cataclysmic showdown that could either save their town or reduce it to ashes.

Can Janey rise from the ashes of her old life to become the beacon of justice her town desperately needs? Brimming with romance and adventure, Into Dust – The Thunderbird Chronicles Book 1 will leave you thirsting for more.

Available on Amazon Kindle Unlimited and Barnes & Noble in paperback, hardcover or ebook.

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