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Kitty Marie


🇵🇭 welcome to this creature’s world of cameras and chaos ❤️‍🔥


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#Ad Who else just starts blowing at their camera when it overheats? With the Sony ZV-E1, your battery life can last longer when you manage its temperature control in its settings. Here’s how ya do it! #SonyAlpha #SonyZV #cameragear #filmtok
Rich in ideas, but the budget just won’t cut it? Great news! You can finally bring that great idea to life thanks to @Artlist.io They’re offering a $100K grant to help aspiring filmmakers like you get the resources you need to finally put out the kickass content you always wanted to do! Watch this video to discover how you could be the next #ArtlistCreator and finally make your film dreams come true! #artlist100kfund #filmtok #cameragear
#Ad Filming a subject like me isn’t that easy cause I just can’t keep still. With Sony’s ZV-E1, they’ve got auto-framing that can track a subject no matter where they are in frame and crops the image in based on what you set it to! #SonyAlpha #sonyzv Go watch my latest YouTube on more reasons to vlog with the ZV-E1!
I’ve been making new friends on the #Sonykandotrip But first, you know how I do. It’s unboxing time. Swag bag edition. I thought that oxygen can was funny, until I we got up to 11,000 ft for dinner. Felt like an elephant was sitting on my chest. 🐘😮‍💨 I survived. We have more days coming so stay tuned! Now to sleep caz we got an early morning tomorrow. #cameragear #filmtok
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