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Building global democracy, one brick at a time 🛠️ Join our movement. #WeAreOne



@Andrea Venzon & @ColombeCahenSalvador are kickstarting our consultations on world governance in Taipei 🇹🇼 in just a few days!

Join us to discuss what the world can learn from #Taiwan 's innovative #democratic model & use of modern technologies to enhance participation:
🗺️ #Taipei
🗓️ January 10th

Register 👉 https://www.atlasmovement.org/taipei_consultations1
Why is the #UnitedNations 🇺🇳 so flawed? What can we do to be better at working together across borders?

🎥 Head to our YouTube channel to check the latest live @Andrea Venzon & @@ColombeCahenSalvador recorded on this topic, and their findings to build the future of global governance! www.youtube.com/atlas

#HowToBuildACountry #AtlasMovement
Worried about the climate crisis? #COP27 is taking place in Egypt, but no one has faith that thing will change there.

Enough of begging leaders to take action - they will not do it, as their “national interest” is always above our common good.

Join us in our quest to build a global country where humanity’s interest comes first.

👉 https://www.atlasmovement.org/globaldemocracy

🎥 This is an extract of our new broadcast #HowtoBuildaCountry . Today we’ll be live on Twitch & Youtube, 2 pm UK time. See you there!
Have you heard about #Italy failing its duties to welcome #refugees and #asylumseekers?

In today’s live, @ColombeCahenSalvador and @Andrea Venzon discussed the meaning of #borders and how these invented lines are causing massive suffering across the planet - Italy being just the latest of a long list of countries causing harm to follow a delusional narrative of control.

Watch the full video on YouTube: www.youtube.com/atlas
So why do we need global #democracy?

@Andrea Venzon 🎤 "because in today's world we are facing several crises, and many of them are global in nature."

Watch the full video here 🍿 on YouTube: www.YouTube.com/atlas

And of course, let us know what you think 💭 in the comments ⬇️
We are working to ⚒️ build a global democratic governance. Basically, a global country. Insane? Potentially! Needed? Definitely!

Check out this clip with
@ColombeCahenSalvador & @Andrea Venzon from the first episode of our weekly show, “How to Build a Country.” We answer to the main question: Why❓ Well, from #climate Change, #nuclear threats, global #inequalities , #rights affected across the planet, space exploration, new techs, etc, we need unity. Global challenges are not dealt with, and opportunities go untackled.

For the full video 🍿head to YouTube: https://youtu.be/kjkoTHDF98k
We need a global country, or a global federation! 🌏 It sounds crazy I know, but that’s the truth, check out this video form @ColombeCahenSalvador explaining it (full video on twitch & YouTube).

We have so many global issues unsolved, just open the news:
#Russia suspended a deal that allowed grain exports out of #Ukraine
#Nigeria is victim of devastating #floods
❌ The far right is rising in Israel
❌ We have no global standards for social media companies

Check out the full video on why we need to build a united world 💕, and join us on this journey ⤵️

Youtube: @Atlas
Twitch: @AtlasMovement

#globalcountry #togetherunitedwecannotbedefeated #globaldemocracy
“Women, Life, Freedom”!

For the last 40 days, women & allies having been protesting in
#Iran following the death of #MahsaAmini . Despite police violence & crackdown (more than 200 people have been killed), thousands still take the street and stand against the dictatorship ✊

Check out @Andrea Venzon & @ColombeCahenSalvador ‘s YouTube video on why international Solidarity is fundamental in an era in which #womensrights are being cracked down upon all over the world.

YouTube channel www.youtube.com/atlas

#IranProtests #WomenLifeFreedom
#SouthAfrica refused to seize the yacht of one of #Putin ’s close allies, following #HongKong ’s (bad) lead! Alexei Mordashov’s yacht is now safely in #CapeTown 🇿🇦 . And this matters.

Watch the full video on our youtube channel (link in highlight) to hear @Andrea Venzon & @ColombeCahenSalvador tell you about:
🛥️ the tail of the yacht,
📖 the history of South Africa, Russia & China’s ties, and
✊ why without global democracy and real people power criminals will keep on getting away!

In the fight against #autocracy , we must join forces!

Full video: https://youtu.be/WpaZrSjDtfM
The Chinese Communist Party just held its 20th Congress 🇨🇳

Sadly, for all the democracy and freedom lovers across the planet, there will be tough times ahead: President
#Xi further consolidated its dictatorial power and influence on the party. For the first time since Mao ruled #China , a leader will serve a third term in power.

So what now? Are we supposed to crawl under a carpe and wait for the storm to pass?

👉 Check out this video from our co-founder @Andrea Venzon and see the full version on youtube!
Happy #UnitedNationsDay ! 🇺🇳

… or not: humanity must unite, and the UN is failing at its mission. Badly. This is why we are preparing a massive effort to democratize and innovate global governance.

A dream? Yes, until we make it happen 🔥
Happy 🎉 #InternationalDayOfDemocracy !

Are you ready to work for a true, #democratic global governance where YOUR voice is heard, where YOUR vote counts? 🔋 A global institution legitimate enough & strong enough to deal with #climate , fiscal justice & much more?

Join us 🗳️ www.atlas.party/globaldemocracy
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