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Stop turning disagreements into arguments. Your opinion is NOT a fact.



🕯💨 #breathewithme #witchtips #selfcare #energy  created by Carolyn with 's dumb dumb - sped up
✨️Find your tribe. If you meet somebody & it doesn't feel right in your body & you don't align with them energetically, then move along. You can be friends & learn from people with different beliefs as long as respect is the baseline.

✨️ When starting automatic writing it's best to set a timer. You start writing & allow whatever comes through to come out on the paper.

✨️ Your third eye is located in the middle of your forehead & is the chakra associated with intuition. You can simply look up third eye meditations & there will be tons.

✨️ Think nutrient rich food that comes from the Earth. Root veggies & eating the colors the colors of the Chakras. Processed food is the opposite of high frequency. Also remember that when you consume meat you are consuming the energy of that animal. This is why often the further along people get on spiritual journeys, the less their physical body can not tolerate meat. (Let me be clear that you can eat whatever you want. You should always eat intuitively to whatever feels good & right for YOUR body & soul. PERIOD. Nobody can tell you what is best for you. It's all about listening to your body & being mindful of what you consume. Zero judgment here.

✨️ Always remember to ground your body & your energy before going into any high-frequency place. Also, be very mindful to shield & protect your energy when you are going into a place that has a lot of spirits. (You would never catch me sitting in an old electric chair at a prison. 😭)
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