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Is it possible to trigger lightning? 🙌⚡️🤨

Recent research show the human-weather effects being constant from the birth of meteorology….

It’s never been possible… it’s not currently possible… IN other words NOPE 🙅‍♀️ NO it is NOT possible for us humans to use our superpowers to trigger lightning in a flash ⚡️ (ha - get it? Flash of lightning 🌩️) at least for right now..

Although… like in the tales of Zeus throwing lightning bolts (that was Zeus right?), humans might be onto something similar… some form of control over potential weather patterns.

It’s called GEO-ENGINEERING 🌍 🛠️ ☁️

you can learn all about it in episode 5: Weather Control: the debate over geo-engineering” in my new show Suppressed Science!
Streaming on @curiositystream and @youtube 📺

Enjoy your next lighting storm and see if YOU can sync your timing with a bolt of lighting! ⚡️just remember they’re gone in a FLASH!


#thunderstorms⚡ #thunderstorm #thunderstorms #lightning #timing #controlweather #weathercontrol #geoengineering #meteorology
#duet with @coppermooncoffee #Coffee
I felt such an immense amount of pressure my entire life to have a college degree and now that im actually earning it I have a much deeper apprecation for myslef and where I’ve been over the past decade. There is SO MUCH around degree = expert. Because you spend so many years studying one thing you better be an expert after all that time!! But even if you dont do degree, can you still be an expert? Hmm.. it’s tricky. Most traditionally minded individuals will say no, no degree no right to call yourself knowledgeable in the subject matter. This led to spensing years of feeling self-doubt, sadness, insecurity, but no matter how strong all those feelings felt, I tried my best to use that to push myself to try and understand as much as I can without having a full college education. That came through teach-backs. Making videos about new information I learned, asking for help from decade-long researchers, absorbing knowledge first-hand from scientists, journals, articles, shows, lectures in person and online. And guess what? I learned the same damn thing I wouldve learned sitting in a classroom. I even was tested and graded because I put myself through as many online courses I could find for free and took as many knowledge-based tests that I could find. READ SO MANY BOOKS. We are changing as a culture and the tuition-based education and massive bureaucrat institutions better either pick up the pace with where we’re moving or step aside.

I wrote this caption and shot this video months ago and its been drafted ever since. Was hesitsant to share because its personal but seeing this today i think there’s no harm in sharing it - so why not ;) hope it can prodvide some form of comfort to someone who might be going through something similar with school!! 💕💕
#duet with @coppermooncoffee #coppermoon lets go get some coffee!??
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