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Aspiring Phoenix Montessori+


🟣K-12 Education ⚪Self-Paced Learning 🟣Student-Led ⚪rorlando@aspiringphoenix.or

🌟 Exciting News from Aspiring Phoenix! 🌟

🚀 Launching Young Entrepreneurs into Success! 🚀

Hello parents! Is your child ready to be the next big entrepreneur? In our unique "Phoenix Tank" program, young minds like your child's are turning their brilliant ideas into reality!

🌈 Why Phoenix Tank? 🌈

🛠️ Hands-On Business Building: Our Phoenixes aren't just learning; they're doing! Each child creates their very own business from scratch, learning invaluable skills along the way.

🦚 Showcase to Local Experts: Imagine your child confidently pitching their business idea to real entrepreneurs! It's not just about ideas; it's about making them shine in the real world.

🗣️ Beyond Words: The Power of Communication 🗣️

In today's world, where ChatGPT and Grammarly are the norms, standing out requires more than just good writing. It's about mastering the art of communication.

🌟 More Than Words: Discover why only 7% of communication is the words we use. Tone and body language play a massive role, and we're here to teach your child the secrets!

💬 Pitch Perfect: Watch your child develop confidence as they learn to write and deliver compelling sales pitches.

🌟 Join Our Children's Business Fairs! 🌟

Ready to see your child thrive as a young entrepreneur? We're excited to announce our Children's Business Fairs, happening twice a year! It's a fantastic opportunity for your child to put their skills to the test and even earn while learning.

📣 Reach out to us to learn more and help your child embark on this exciting entrepreneurial journey. Let's nurture the next generation of innovators together! 🌟🚀🌈

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