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Aspira Nigeria


We are the manufacturer & distributor of Personal, Dental and Laundry products.



Total protection = Oracare! It’s extra fresh gel and 12hour dental protection system helps to strengthen teeth, fight teeth cavities, combats tartar build-up, whiten teeth, freshen breath, reduce plaque and ensure healthy gum to give you that complete dental protection.  Use Oracare+ for a healthier smile! 😊😁  #Oracare #TotalOralProtection  #wecareaboutyoursmile created by Aspira Nigeria with Aspira Nigeria's original sound
Hello, Vivans! Have you heard the cultural version of our theme song?!!😍💃🏻 We’d love to hear you sing it in your own dialect too. We challenge you!! 😁 Winners will get Over 1 Million Naira! Here’s how to participate: Step 1: Download the beat of the song via the link in our bio.Step 2: Record yourself singing the song in your local dialect on the beat.Step 3: Post it on your Instagram page with the hashtags #VivaForever #VivaForeverSingingChallenge and tag @vivaplusdetergent All posts will be reposted on Viva’s story and our panel of judges will choose the top 10, which will be reposted on Viva’s main page for public votes. The singers with the highest votes wins! 1st Prize: N500,000 2nd Prize: N300,0003rd Prize: N200,0004th - 10th Prize: N50,000 each. In addition, all Top 10 winners will get special Viva products pack! Deadline is Thursday, 13th April, 2023. Voting will commence the following day! Let’s go, Vivans!!! #VivaForever #ILoveMyViva #SpotlesslyCleanWithViva #SpotlessAndScentedWithViva
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