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Ash&Stone Skincare


Holistic & clean skincare company, handmade in small batches for YOU

Meet Ash&Stone Skincare, a plant-based, nontoxic, clean skincare company made for YOU. On Etsy now! #allnaturalskincare #skincaretiktok #smallbusiness created by Ash&Stone Skincare with LoFi Hip Hop’s Coffee
The O.G. Toner vs. The Rose Toner 🧡🌹

Using a toner is such an important step in your skincare routine, and both of these toners offer great benefits for your skin. Here’s a little more info about the key ingredients in each one. 👇🏼

O.G. Toner
🧡 Lavender EO: Lavender Essential oil is anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial and helps to fight acne. It is also antimicrobial and anti-fungal, which can help treat eczema and other skin issues.

🧡 Frankincense EO: This essential oil is anti-aging and wound healing, helping to tighten pores and soothe and nourish the skin. It is anti-inflammatory and anti-fungal and encourages the regeneration of new skin cells and skin cell repairs.

Rose Toner
🌹Rose Hydrosol: Rose hydrosol is different from rose water, which is just infused rose essential oil and water. Rose hydrosol is the water left behind from the steam of distilled rose petals. It is incredibly nourishing and is packed with healing properties. It helps sooth inflamed and irritated skin including eczema, psoriasis and other skin issues. It has also been known to help treat acne, balance oily skin and hydrate dry skin. Among all of the other amazing benefits, rose hydrosol also helps to reduce fine lines and signs of aging while also encouraging skin cell regeneration, making it a great option for aging skin.
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