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Bryce Evans


Artist of Catharsis 🎨 Knowledge of Self ✨ founder The One Project + More Floats

“I am safe and secure.” 🌹 When you lack this essential feeling of safety and security, the mind and body will do crazy things to try to survive and make sense of this crazy world… crazy but also incredible. Unfortunately, it’s also why so much pain gets passed and cycled around too.

When the world shut down, and everything seemed to fall apart all at once, I was left with that feeling of lack from the present and my past - something I had denied but wasn’t fully aware of. I didn’t feel safe or secure, which took a toll on me and threw me into psychosis. And I cannot (and don’t want to) explain how horrible and traumatic of a hell that was.

But I fought through and built my safety and security for myself. This song and album were like a safe haven for me during the worst parts of it. I listened to it constantly, and it helped distract me and bring me a small glimpse of peace in an unbelievably chaotic, stressful, and noisy state that never seemed to end.

My mind and body are starting to calm down more finally. I feel like I can finally relax and be. 😌 I am safe and secure, even throughout the night. ❤️

p.s. The subtle shading I achieved on the rose makes me so proud and happy, I feel like I'm making solid progress with each piece. 🙌 #innerchildseries

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#duet with @madebybryce - Shout out to all the Bryce artists out there✨🙌✨
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