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Amanda Parker


I fix PFPs and make them into stories for fun.



Replying to @cr0wsf33t you have been helped.
Replying to @object_showfan12 she was dreaming of becoming best friends with Hole-y Notepaper.
Replying to @offical_leafy.totally a fun ending for your PFP story.
Replying to @dummy_normal it's edited so it's more appropriate. #hatsunemikuedits
Replying to @britishoj in 2024 you have my vote British OJ.. for prez of USA. Match does have great hair though..
Replying to @clutte they just want to bop heads..
Replying to @peachpop_bfdi I combined both of your recent PFPs for your update.. Peach Pop and grape pop made us some treats. Thank you for the baby pops. #osc #profilepics4free #pfps4u #pfpideas
Replying to @catteli3 now your PFP is a random story. #bodycount
Replying to @chrisbugg your PFP looks like a grandma facing the apocalypse so that's how I came up with this story.. #reposted with captions. #genshinimpactedit also, it's satire, pls.
Replying to @5ugarcubes you requested a scary story and this is a nightmare. I hope you can sleep at night with this PFP update.
Replying to @knifepartypilled many in the #ballercult requested #pfpupdates this week.. SO.. STAY SAFE AWAY FROM CULTS MY FRIENDS. #baller #culthumor #stayfrosty caps because it's important.
Replying to @houseofus1 this is a scary story for you since its spooky season. Thank you for sacrificing your duck for a pfp update.
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