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Padma Katha Press (diversity focused) Queer editing services Ask a Question!



I haven’t been ignoring your tags, i couldnt login! #authorsoftiktok #indieauthors #bookediting  created by Ari’s Author Corner with Ari’s Author Corner's original sound
Replying to @robinsreviews Here’s Amazons contact numbers! These are the last I have, hopefully they’re up to date. #authortok #writersoftiktok #kdp
I am seriously so proud of@Samantha R. Goode Author and this book. I know it’s gonna keep going hard, and we’re already booked for summer again. I only take projects I’m passionate about so if you’ve got a polished manuscript you’re taking Indie, my editing info is in the bio #greenscreen #bookediting #indiepublishing #bookeditors
Replying to @buzzolini best of luck! Don’t stop writing and don’t be afraid to turn that manuscript on its head #writersoftiktok #nanowrimo #abdanielsannachi
Replying to @J_long great question about publishing for cheap and transferring ebook to paper! Hopefully this is a good snip of general info to give you an idea. There’s a lot that goes into it but you’re right on track for your first draft. Just keep writing! #writersoftiktok #abdanielsannachi
Replying to @Sassi great question! I forget that not everyone knows these things sometimes, definitely take a look before it starts, and hop in if you feel so inclined. The badges are fun to strive for if you have the mental capacity #authortok #writertok #writersoftiktok #writingadvice #abdanielsannachi
#duet with @Danielle #booktoker you might have seen my repost already but if not go check out this article! It’s a great piece to help out on your publishing journey #authortok #writersoftiktok #writingadvice #abdanielsannachi
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