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chelchi - makeup & fashion


πŸ₯€ beauty | fashion ✨ TikTok shop reviews + grwm + try on + unbox



Replying to @pink.kenz what should we do next? 🀟🏻 No but seriously, I'd throw out my whole blush collection for these Plouise Blushes. This literally feels like nothing on the skin, it's blurring yet natural and a dewy-ish flush BUT very buildable! Perfect for beginners & professionals. I wouldn't pass up on these. Perfect price point & formula. It also wore for a long time, didn't melt off the face. #plouise #plouiseblush #plouisethecheekofit #plouisecutiecake #plouisethecheekofitcutiecake #liquidblush #makeupreview #plouisereview #makeupartist #professionalmua #beginnermakeup #makeupaddict #blushaddict
I am always late to trying products but it's a good thing bc I am eh on being easily influenced.. if I had $ oh yeah I would buy everything I could but I am VERY selective when purchasing makeup. @plmakeupacademy is one brand that stole my heart the moment I seen them πŸ’ž I want to start providing you guys REAL reviews bc the Beauty community has always been a toxic weird crazy and sick place where so many people take advantage and let the money, drama, fame, bs ruin it all & they prey on so many people. it sucks. I'll be the first to tell you a product is trash - even if I love that brand doesn't mean I have to be loyal to every product they release & I can't tell you how many times I have declined collaborations in the past bc these brands expect THE MOST & TOO MUCH. We don't lie and play people over here. I've dealt with that my whole life. The next wave of beauty creators will be the ones who put their foot down & change the game. I really thought that back in 2020 but um... here we are... much love to all & hope you loved my little rant & content. I'm here for you guys & I have your back & will help your wallet! #plouise #plouisemakeup #plouise_makeup_academy #plouisebase #plouiseunboxing #plouiseblush #makeupunboxing #makeupreview #makeupworthbuying #makeupworththehype #makeupartists #makeupaddict #makeupvlogger #makeupblogger #makeupinfluencer
#duet with @liv_inla guna take ur wifey 2 Sephora then bang her l8r 😎 but yay I'm not the only one 🀣😩🀣 #boldglamourfilter #boldglamour #lordfarquaad
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