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a Pair of Plants


Finally, some pants for your plants Ceramic art, Michelle Sieg IG @apairofplants


Talking Heads

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TikTok pants

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Celebrity Pants

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#duet with @A24 #talkingheads Happy 40th ✨
Oh man. Turing @David Byrne big suit into vase is.. tricky. Also @Talking Heads welcome to tiktok!
Hell yeah. Just in time for @Talking Heads 40th anniversary and the release of their doc. Welcome to TikTok!! @David Byrne #talkingheadstok #davidbyrne
Part 6 | Turning @David Byrne big suit into a vase! Call me crazy but my brain won’t let me move forward without fixing something I can’t unsee. I was going to have you all guess in the comments but then I realized that would just be all of you picking my piece apart and telling me what’s wrong with it and I can’t set myself up for that 😂 so… stay tuned. I’m on vaca this week so it’s gonna be a bit before I can reveal the NEW final build. Thanks for watching ❤️ Love you mean it 🕴🏻
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