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antepes footwear


Muscle Runners - Performance Enhancing Footwear - Daily Trainers www.antepes.com




The MUSCLE RUNNERS were designed to give you every bit of forefoot running support a shoe can provide. The antepes MUSCLE RUNNERS design is the culmination of over two years of research, development, and experimentation. Every feature, measurement, and material were chosen to provide the best forefoot running experience.

The antepes MUSCLE RUNNERS design includes:

A well-cushioned forefoot sole with dual-density. Muscle Runners™️ give you cushioning where you need it the most: under the forefoot and the front half of your midfoot. Unlike other running shoes on the market, the majority of cushioning on a pair of antepes Muscle Runners is found where you will strike during a forefoot run. The cushioning is expertly designed to absorb shock from your running surface when your forefoot hits the ground.

A slim sole at the heel. If you’ve tried running in a traditional running shoe, you likely were frustrated that you couldn’t get a great forefoot strike with a bulky heel in the way. antepes MUSCLE RUNNERS eliminate the extra cushioning at the heel to streamline your running experience and add more comfort during your run.

Stability and flexibility. Flexibility in the foot is essential for forefoot running. That’s why antepes MUSCLE RUNNERS contain a split Carbon Fiber Plate from the midfoot on toward the front. The Carbon Fiber Plate stabilizes the metatarsophalangeal joints, providing extra stability distributing weight to the ball of the foot rather than to the toes.
A sole ideally shaped for forefoot running. The sole is angled to facilitate striking in an area between behind the ball of the foot and in front of the arch, and from there efficiently rolling off onto the ball of the foot. The cushioning allows the calf muscle to stretch farther, which makes it easier for your foot to create the needed rebound for forefoot running.
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