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Annette Lee


singaporean 🇸🇬 musician. actor. filmmaker.🎵🎬




Main Character Annergy ⚡️

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Give Me Ethan Shen🏋🏻‍♂️

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Asian Parent Tings👫🏻

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✨Chats With Chantelle✨

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News Plannette 👁👄👁

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🌏Annette And Accents🌏

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will you quit your job if you can’t find friends?🧐 in the latest episode of Glowing Up, the very sagely co-founders of @The Woke Salaryman join me to answer questions you guys sent in about office politics. full vid in the 🔗 in my bio! created by Annette Lee with Annette Lee's original sound - Annette Lee
So.. anyone else wanna join Auntie Susan’s English class? 😩💯 @TheSmartLocal

Also, Auntie say good things must share - so she wants to tell you about one of the world’s largest brand and business conferences in Singapore this week, INTA’s Annual Meeting 2023 Live+! Find out how major brands have been growing their businesses in and through SG - check out the bio link for more info! 😉
none of us saw that ending coming…😭🤣🤣 @Mingjie+Felicia 💖

we’ve been practicing our English and Chinese more these days, so Felicia decided to test us on how fast we can translate random words…⚡ play along and let us know how many you get right!

我们最近很用心地在练习我们的英文和华文, 所以今天凤玲决定考我们的翻译技巧!
Replying to @Starfire ✨ this has been requested a number of times... so here’s a hari raya special of auntie susan saying her malay friends’ names😘

selamat hari raya, auntie sayang kamu!🎉💚💚 #Raya2023
WAH so much drama in all these dramas! Eh don’t paiseh, share with Auntie Susan what are some K-drama scenes that will make you react like her and Hong Huifang! #SGAjoomma

Also hor, Auntie Susan will sayang-haeyo you even more if you watch Ajoomma on Amazon Prime ok! And don’t forget to follow @Prime Video Singapore here and IG ah!
#duet with @ICA_Singapore #ica20 when she's the only one really singing because rest of your family is just clapping and lipsyncing...🫠

ok jokes aside, happy birthday ICA thank you for the top tier efficiency whenever i clear immigration at the airport💯
Replying to @Annette Lee these cool kids surprised me by playing along with my April Fools’ joke and purchased Chantelle's Ring for $707… so i surprised them back 👀💍✨✨

Happy April Fools’ once again, everyone!
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