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We make music but also the silly. Life requires both. Late to the game.

Make It Right // Live

You know how some people post and say "...hey guys...came across this old footage I didn't know I had?" That always seemed so odd to me that you could forget - since you went to all that work, plugged in all those cords and lugged all your gear up (or down) all the stairs. Well, I can testify that it is indeed possible to forget. That being said: " We came across this old footage we forgot we had." I know @dogtownstudio has some cool lights and sets - but we apparently recorded this before we hosted a baby shower. So there's that for your hip decor bingo. :o)

This is a gorgeous, harmony filled one take of Jennifer's song Make It Right off our Linger in Bloom album, produced by Don Chaffer at Culture House Studios in Kansas City. This one has always held a special place for me. It's probably my favorite.

It has Cohen level lyrical tones and notions to me. The humanness, messiness and divine-ness of us all. Every line is exactly the line that needs to be there. I've often said I think this is her Bird on a Wire. We haven't played it live nearly enough, but yet it's such a 'lived in' song. It holds sage wisdom to me and perhaps that fact it hasn't turned up in too many set lists over the years makes it all the more special. I've heard Bill Mallonee, (billmalloneemusic.com) an Americana songwriting legend and hero, say that he writes songs for himself. Ain't that the truth. Sometimes in the throws of a brilliant, sweaty gig, playing your heart out on a song you've performed in the upper bajillions of times, it takes on a life of it's own...which is a natural evolution. But I believe some the best and most honest ones are written alone, usually at 3am, bleary eyed and doing your damndest to harness the words and put melody to your therapy - with no thought of ever playing it for anyone.

This song always feels like stealing a glimpse behind the veil. A view of something a little too holy. I appreciate and love this song and as much as I want to hiding it, I also want to share it. That's the beautiful tension where the best songs live.

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