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Animal Justice


Animal lawyers leading the legal fight for animal protection 🐾



#RIPKiska : Kiska was forced to live in barren tank all alone for over a decade at Marineland 💔

Animal Justice is devastated to learn of Kiska’s death, & worked hard to help her, including by filing multiple legal complaints when disturbing videos were shared showing Kiska floating listlessly & slamming her body against the side of her tank 😢

It’s illegal to cause animals distress due to isolation & boredom—which is why our lawyers are renewing calls for animal cruelty charges against Marineland over the cruel & illegal living conditions that they forced Kiska to endure.

Join us ➡️ animaljustice.ca/Kiska. Link in bio.

🎥: @Phil Demers , @Jenny McQueen & Peter McQueen

#freekiska #marineland #canadatiktok #kiska
UPDATE: Animal Justice presented arguments in Federal Court today to protect animals & #StopBigPlastic ! 🚫

Canada’s biggest plastic producers have sued the federal government over listing plastics as toxic under the Canadian Environmental Protection Act. Following this listing, the government banned many single-use plastics 🥤 Plastic pollution is deadly for wildlife, & is an environmental disaster 🐢🌊

Animal Justice, Environmental Defence, & @Oceana Canada are intervening in the lawsuit ⚖️

A HUGE thanks for all of your support, which empowers our legal team to give animals a voice in court in important cases like this! 🙏

#saveouroceans #plasticpollution #animaljustice #animallaw #toronto
Today, Animal Justice, Environmental Defence, & @Oceana Canada were at the Federal Court in Toronto in a legal battle to #StopBigPlastic , while advocates rallied outside to support strong action to protect animals from plastic waste ✊

Big Plastic companies have sued the Canadian government over its actions to reduce harmful, single-use plastics.

Plastic waste causes serious harm to animals & the planet, & that’s why we need strong laws to tackle the plastic pollution crisis! 🐢🌊

#canadanews #plastic #noplanetb #savetheocean
Today on #WorldWhaleDay , our heart goes out to Kiska, one of the loneliest orcas in the world, who lives by herself at Marineland. This intelligent, complex, & social animal belongs in the ocean with her pod, not in a tiny tank to entertain us 🐳💔

#freekiska #freethewhales #blackfish #emptythetanks #canadatiktok
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