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Bridging the gap between the farm and food communities 🥩😋

It's almost the end of #NationalIceCreamMonth, but the celebration doesn't have to stop! 😉 Here are our followers top flavors.
#Pig farmers are always working to minimize their #environmental impact. From 1960 to 2015, pig #farmers decreased their overall #carbonfootprint by 7.7%! 🐷🌎
Cattle are often wrongly made out to be the enemy of #climatechange and environmental #sustainability efforts. In reality, the U.S. beef community is a global leader in raising #beef efficiently and sustainably!
♻️ Beef production only accounts for 2% of all U.S. greenhouse gas emissions!

♻️ #Research has found grain-finished cattle have a 18-66% LOWER carbon footprint than grass-finished cattle.

♻️ Cattle have the ability to restore overused land into productive pastureland!
What? You mean— never? Never. All #meat , #milk , poultry, and #eggs are inspected for #antibiotic residues before being sold for human consumption! 🔍
#Milk is the perfect nutritional package! Milk packs in 1️⃣3️⃣ essential nutrients to each serving. #dairy #gotmilk #undeniablydairy #fyp
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