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WWW.ANEWYORKTHING.COM The Only Brand That Matters.

ANYTHING ATHLETIC’ in collaboration w/
aNYthing x Shoyoroll :
Functional Performance Gear
Releasing 6/23 in PARIS

10 rue Saint-Gilles, 75003 🇫🇷

Climbing fences to pool hopping. Playing Salugi or kill the carrier with the ball. Surfing rockaway queens in October, bombing hills in the heights, skateboarding down Overlook and hopping the turnstile to do it all over again. Ever ran for the bus, skitched a cab, or played corners in the elevator … it’s all sports.

Then there are  those training and grinding with the discipline and aspirations of making their high school or college team. Carrying that dream of playing in the pros. The countless hours of work to push past limits. The work no one sees. That belief in oneself when everyone is doubting.

It’s all sports in the city, do something,  aNYthing.
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