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Doctor Dean


Hematology Physician Specializes in Iron Deficiency Educational purposes only



#duet with @seewithnoon #anemic There is iron deficiency with anemia and iron deficiency without anemia. Anemia is when your hemoglobin is low. Iron deficiency anemia physical exam findings can include pale conjunctiva/lining of eyelids, nail beds and skin. #irondeficiency #irondeficiencyanemia #lowhemoglobin
Replying to @thecelestialhoney Intravenous iron works alot faster than oral iron. Most people are deficient by 1000 mg of iron, especially if anemia is present. Iron can be fully restored with just one or a few infusions. Infusions are covered by most insurance plans. In comparison to IV iron, it takes about six months to replenish iron with daily oral supplements. Most iron pills have 30 to 65mg of elemental non- heme iron in which about 10% of that is actually absorbed. In regards to replenishing iron with your diet/food, Fortified cereals have about 4.5 to 17.8 mg of non-heme iron per serving. Once again, only about 10% of iron is actually absorbed. Two ounce beef liver contains 5.8 mg of heme iron but only about 30% of iron is actually absorbed. Increasing dietary iron alone is usually not sufficient for treatment of iron deficiency anemia. #iv#iviron v#ivironinfusions #ir#irondeficient r#irondeficiencyanemia bl#blooddoctor e#hematologist
#CapCut Black women actually make up a little less than 3% of U.S. physicians. Tag a black women doc if you know one on TikTok. Letโ€™s support one another. #bl#blackwomenfollowtrain bl#blackphysician l#blackwomanphysician i#tiktokdoctors
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