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Andre Yeu


Andre Yeu Founder, When Hounds Fly Karen Pryor Academy Faculty Views are my own

Replying to @optimalcanine Mikey update, surgeon saw vids from PT and was concerned and called him back. new radiographs and assessment showed swollen knee. being treated now. thanks for sharing your thoughts and hope we are back on track 🙏
Mikey's homework from @FourPawsRehab&Fitness includes rear limb weight shift and three legged dog. He gets a heat pack and massage which I didn't bother film. I got the ok to do some training such as a backup rear foot target and also a front paw up target as well.

#dogphysiotherapy #canecorso #clickertraining #dogtrainer
Mike the Cane Corso mix rescue had his first appointment with Kate at @FourPawsRehab&Fitness and he got a looksee, some underwater treadmill time, and massage. He is clear to do some but not all of his current training regimen such as two paws on, two paws off, and straight line heeling, just no turns. He has now been seen by his primary vet, his TPLO surgeon, and now a physiotherapist.

#canecorso #toronto #psoas #tplosurgery #dogtrainer
Replying to @lil_dizzee racists always go to gaslighting when called out. convenient, you deleted all the comments about Justin Trudeau ruining Canada by letting in too many mooching immigrants. you need to do better.

#racism #canadapolitics
Replying to @torakita Beagle off leash freedom without ecollar and yes there were rabbits, squirrels, birds, field mice, you name it.

reinforcement is a powerful thing and maybe things were simpler in 2006 but I never saw ecollars anywhere yet dogs weren't going missing any more than they do now

#toronto #dogtraining #beagle #recall #positivereinforcementdogtraining
Replying to @trainfortrust if Dog Daddy is prevented from entering Canada, the problem is stopped at the core. it's time to go beyond liking posts and commenting and take action. follow doghairinc's detailed instructions they made on how to fill out the CBSA form. this all takes time and I appreciate everyone taking action!

please share this post and fill out the forms!

#dogtraining #dogdaddy #toronto
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