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André Santana 🎙️ Voice Actor


NB 🏳️‍🌈 SAG-AFTRA 📚 Audiobook Narrator 🎧 🪴 Hooligan 🪴 🔥 Has the range 🔥



#NYC looking like 😭 forreal tho hope folks are okay in #canada  created by André Santana 🎙️ Voice Actor with André Santana 🎙️ Voice Actor's original sound
#stitch with @Lolo I can also imagine things in the world around me, and that one's complicated lol #aphantasia
Yes I'm talking to my director at the top of this video 😂

I wrapped recording this week on AS YOU WALK ON BY, by Julian Winters. Thanks to
@prhaudio for having me, and my lovely director Olivia Mackenzie-Smith! This book is so cool, so interestingly structured, so insightful. It's my last full-length fiction title of the year, and I couldn't have asked for a better one to cap it all off. Catch it everywhere January 17th, 2023!

#voiceactor #booktok #lgbt
#stitch with @.simzim protect your energy 😭
#duet with @.simzim no questions only duets #samsmith
Replying to @lindseydorcus this comment helped me imagine a short little post-apocalyptic #scifi scene, where a cornered man gives his young end-of-the-world companion some final advice. #booktok #voiceover If you want to drop a prompt for a potential future vid, leave a suggestion on the original video linked in the replied comment! 🥰
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