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✨Amycakes Bakery secrets! 💕🎈 👇🏻 RECIPES & shop my baking supplies👇🏻


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Layer cakes like a professional baker!  Tutorial linked in my bio. 💙#tipsandtricks #bakinghack #baking #tipoftheday #howto #cake #learnontiktok created by Amycakes Bakes with Edison Lighthouse’s Love Grows (Where My Rosemary Goes)
I think homemade baked goods make some of the most thoughtful and cherished holiday gifts, don’t you? 🥧🎁 To save time during the busy holiday season, I like to utilize my freezer and bake ahead. This year, I’m adding a personal touch to my pies with these adorable pie crust cutters from @olive_nation . They’re perfect for creating beautiful and unique designs with my go-to egg and vinegar pie crust recipe. #sponsored .

Grab these cutters for your holiday baking through the following link, and don’t forget to use the code AB20 for 20% off! https://www.olivenation.com/category/specialty/influencers/amycakesbakes.html 🍂🎄

Here’s how I prepared these pies completely ahead of time: I filled my blind-baked bottom crusts with apple and cherry pie filling, then wrapped and froze them. I froze all the cut-out leaf pie crust pieces separately.

When it was time to bake, I just assemble the top crust over the frozen pies and popped them in the oven! If you’d like to know more about this method, let me know in the comments and I’d be happy to share more details. ☺️
🍑 New Pie Recipe! 🥧 This Spiced Peach Crumble Pie is the perfect addition to your Thanksgiving spread. This recipe is made with @OliveNation's Vietnamese cinnamon and a hint of pure Peach Extract to boost the natural peach flavor. 🌟 #sponsored

I love OliveNation fruit extracts because they enhance the fruit's natural taste without being overpowering. Peaches tend to have a subtler flavor when cooked, and it often varies with the ripeness of the fruit. We're using frozen peaches so you can enjoy this pie all year round, and the pure peach extract adds that extra boost of natural peachiness. 🍑 Optional but recommended: OliveNation pecans in the crumble topping!

You can find my favorite ingredients on my @olive_nation
storefront— and use code AB20 for 20% off! 🔗: https://www.olivenation.com/category/specialty/influencers/amycakesbakes.html

👩‍🍳 The peach crumble pie recipe now live on my blog. Just follow the link in my bio. 😊
This moist and flavorful vanilla bean cake is so soft and fluffy! It’s beautifully speckled with OliveNation’s Organic Madagascar Vanilla Bean Paste in both the cake and the buttercream. With a homemade raspberry filling, it perfectly balances sweetness and tartness!

You can find the
@OliveNation vanilla bean paste at olivenation.com (use the code AB20 for 20% off your entire purchase). #sponsored

Full recipe details here: https://amycakesbakes.com/vanilla-bean-cake-with-raspberry-filling/. Can’t wait to see your creations! 🧑‍🍳✨
One of my favorite kitchen creations is this 4-ingredient Stabilized Vanilla Whipped Cream. 🤍 Trust me, it’s as delectable as it sounds! You’ll love its rich vanilla flavor from OliveNation’s Madagascar Bourbon Pure Vanilla Extract. #sponsored

This recipe is a breeze to whip up, and the best part? It maintains its thick, fluffy texture in your fridge for days! It’s been my go-to for everything from cupcake frosting, fruit dip, to a creamy topping for lattes or homemade dark chocolate milk.

When it comes to pure vanilla extract, @olive_nation is my top choice. You can find it at olivenation.com, and if you use my code AB20, you get 20% off!

The recipe for this stabilized vanilla whipped cream is on my website (link in bio). 🍫 Now let’s make dark chocolate milk:

-2 Tbsp OliveNation Dark Cocoa Powder
-2 Tbsp granulated sugar
-2 Tbsp boiling or very hot water
-1/4 tsp OliveNation Madagascar Bourbon Pure Vanilla Extract
-1 cup whole milk

-Whisk the cocoa and sugar together, sifting if you see any lumps.
-Add the hot water and whisk to a smooth consistency.
-While whisking, gradually add in the milk and pure vanilla.
-Top with whipped cream. Enjoy!
The BEST blueberry cake thanks to @OliveNation blueberry emulsion. 🫐 It tastes like a super-moist blueberry muffin in cake form! Grab your own bottle of blueberry emulsion or other natural extracts at olivenation.com and use the code AB20 for 20% off! #sponsored

The recipe is through the link in my bio! #blueberrycake #4thofjulydesserts #baketiktok
My Ultimate Strawberry Cake Recipe can be turned into adorable moist mini cakes, aka “cakelets”! 🍓 #sponsored

This recipe is full of natural strawberry flavor from the frozen unsweetened strawberries and OliveNation’s natural strawberry extract. It really tastes like a fresh strawberry in cake form!

You can find @olivenation natural strawberry extract at olivenation.com, and use the code AB20 for 20% off! ☺️

To make the mini strawberry cakes, just bake the cake in sheet pans as described in the recipe card, then cut the cake rounds out from frozen using a 2.5 inch cookie cutter or biscuit cutter. They are so moist and flavorful! The strawberry cake recipe is through the link in my bio!
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