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Amsterdam Garden Centre


Your one-stop garden shop in Pitt Meadows, BC. 🌱

Thinking about growing garlic this year? Do it! 🧄

Homegrown garlic tastes 10 times better than store-bought garlic. It’s also the only way to get truly organic garlic as most of the imported store-bought crops have been bleached and most likely treated with growth inhibitors or irradiation to prevent sprouting. 😧

Growing your own garlic is easy, too! Here are some tips:

🧄 In Coastal BC, the best time to plant is late September to early November.
🧄 Choose a site that gets 5-6+ hours of direct sun.
🧄 If you have poor drainage, use raised beds or hilled rows.
🧄 Prepare your soil for planting by using lime and SeaSoil.
🧄 Amend your rows with Gaia Green All-Purpose Fertilizer (4-4-4) and Gypsum (Gypsum improves the flavour of your garlic 🤤)
🧄 Sprinkle the fertilizer and Gypsum over your soil and then till it in.
🧄 Space your garlic cloves appropriately: for standard garlic, ensure 6” between cloves and 12” between rows; for elephant garlic, ensure 8” between cloves and 18” between rows.
🧄 Plant the base of your cloves 3” deep so the pointy tip is 2” below the surface of your soil.

We have a great selection of garlic to choose from! Come chat with one of our experts to find out which garlic is right for you.

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Our guests always want to know if their annual plant combinations look good together, so we decided to put together 3 annual plant combinations to offer you some inspiration. ✨

In annual plant combination
#1 :
💖 Geranium ‘Supermoon Violet’
💖 Coleus ‘Chocolate Covered Cherry’
💖 Sweet Potato Vine ‘Lime Heart’

In annual plant combination #2 :
💜 Purple Fountain Grass
💜 Petunia ‘Lavender Picotee’
💜 Sweet Potato Vine ‘Black Heart’

In annual plant combination #3 :
🧡 Coleus ‘Coral Candy’
🧡 Solenia begonia ‘Salmon Coral’
🧡 Petunia ‘Flower Shower Golden Harvest’

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