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Anika Jackson


Mom, Your Brand Amplified Podcast Host, USC Annenberg Professor, Volunteer


Have you ever wondered what it’s like to break nine world records and transform a power generation outage from a 30-day process to just nine days? Join us as we get up close and personal with Ron Macklin, an engineer turned author, who has done just that! Our exciting journey spans from Ron's humble beginnings on a farm in Wichita, KS, where he met his wife in high school, to his intriguing transition from engineering to power generation maintenance. All accompanied by stories of setting world records, that provide fascinating insights on teamwork and leadership.

In the second part of our conversation, we journey with Ron as he navigates the cultural shift of moving his family to Germany for work. Learn how this experience molded his children's perspective of the world and discover how it influenced his return to Kansas City and the establishment of his company, Macklin Connection. Hear about Ron's belief in the transformative power of authentic connections and their role in achieving business success.

Fasten your seat belts as we delve into the latter part of our discussion where we sift through the concept of vulnerability. Learn how this affects individuals and businesses alike, and how Ron guides people to overcome their fears and be more genuine when sharing their stories. Be intrigued by the fascinating case study of the renowned San Pedro Fish Market and its journey towards reality TV. And finally, understand how effective communication training can revolutionize company culture, as we delve into a unique case study of a family-run business, and hear about the transformative courses Macklin offers. Join us in this enriching conversation with Ron Macklin!

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What if you had the power to pivot your business through a pandemic, create a digital footprint that lasts, and authentically connect with your audiences like never before? Anastasia Lipske, founder of Access Speakers, joins us to share her journey from the vibrant world of tourism to the era of guest speakers and podcasting and how she's helping her clients navigate the ever-evolving digital space.

Anastasia's story is one of resilience and innovation, as she navigated from a successful career in tourism to find her unique niche in the speaking and podcasting world. During a time when everyone was grounded and unable to travel, Anastasia discovered creative solutions to keep her speaking business thriving. She reveals the secret of leveraging podcasting as a marketing tool, its evergreen appeal, and the lasting digital footprint it creates. Anastasia also emphasizes the importance of remaining professional under any circumstances and how the pandemic has opened doors for authenticity in our interactions.

Anastasia imparts valuable insights, from connecting energetically with hosts to ensuring that your guest fits the show perfectly. She shares her unique model of podcast guest-booking and consulting, and the importance of feeling comfortable in discomfort. Anastasia encourages us to trust that every challenge comes for a reason and to leverage our uniqueness to craft something special in the podcasting sphere. Don't miss out on Anastasia's wisdom as she leads us through the vibrant world of podcasting.

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Have you ever pondered over the power of nonfiction? Have you ever thought about how sharing your own story could potentially change lives, or even save them? World, meet Nancy Erickson - an award-winning publisher, book coach, and beacon of hope. She traded in her high-tech industry job to follow her passion and transform society through the profound power of nonfiction. Listen in as she takes us on a journey from the heart-wrenching time spent with her terminally ill father, to the establishment of her own publishing house, Stonebrook Publishing, and her adventures in Amsterdam for the release of their first book.

Dive into the world of publishing with Nancy as your guide, as she sheds a brilliant light on the ins and outs of traditional publishing, self-publishing, and the hybrid approach. She breaks down the process of writing a book, right from answering the foundational questions to the significance of the book mapping process. If you've ever found yourself at a loss about the best way to share your story, you'll find Nancy's insights invaluable. She's been where you are, and she's used her experiences to help others navigate through their own writing journey.

But that's not all. Nancy passionately advocates for the power of personal storytelling. She emphasizes how sharing one's experiences can offer hope and help to those grappling with similar situations. Have you ever wondered how writing a book can help you expand your business? Nancy provides a compelling answer to that question. Each story is unique, as is each journey of writing a book. To quote Henry Ford, 'Whether you think you can or you think you can't, you're right.' So, if you're poised on the edge of sharing your story with the world, join us in this rich conversation with Nancy Erickson.

Visit her website, Thebookprofessor.com, to learn more about expanding your business by writing a book.

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Imagine starting your first business at the age of 17 out of necessity. Sounds like an exciting journey, right? That's exactly what our guest, Scott Edwards, an accomplished entrepreneur and the brain behind more than a dozen successful businesses, did. Scott's remarkable journey is one of determination, innovation, and not being afraid to see opportunities where others might not. He shares his fascinating tale of launching one of the first full-time comedy clubs in the US in 1980 and underlines the significance of branding and quality customer service.

Scott's entrepreneurial journey is filled with highs, lows, but most importantly, valuable lessons that you can apply to your own ventures. He shares his experience of using his own name to market his businesses, like Sticky Fingers Barbecue Restaurant and Scott the Insurance Pro, and the impact these decisions had. Scott's approach to blending traditional and new marketing methods to effectively reach his target audience is insightful and refreshing. From using humor in marketing to leveraging business cards, flyers, and swag, he stands out in a digital world with his creative strategies.

Scott's story is a testament to the power of self-belief, perseverance, and the ability to learn from failures. As we wrap up this episode, he shares his strategies on overcoming challenges and finding success in the business world. We also explore the power of niche platforms like podcasts, and the role they can play in reaching your audience. Ending on a high note, Scott shares how to connect with him and his Standup Comedy Podcast Network. Get ready to be inspired, learn, and laugh along the way with Scott Edwards.

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As an educator with 37 years of experience under his belt, Steven Miletto breathes life into the discussion of his unique journey. His passion for learning sparked by his father's love of history, he has navigated the world of education with relentless determination. Listen in as we explore his career trajectory, the profound influence of mentors, and how his drive to create change has left a lasting imprint on the schools he's been affiliated with.

In our digital age, the transformative potential of AI can't be overlooked. Steve and I tackle this intriguing topic, highlighting the many tools AI brings to the table. From aiding students' communication skills to assisting schools in recruiting and retaining teachers, we explore the breadth of AI in educational settings. We also shed light on the pressing need to support our teachers - whether through professional development opportunities or better wages - to make the teaching profession an attractive one to both enter and remain in.

Finding the perfect school culture is pivotal to the overall educational experience. Steve shares a compelling story of how community connection led him to his job at Hartby. We then veer into the ever-evolving landscape of podcasting and how it has revolutionized the way we connect with educators worldwide. Closing off our discussion, we emphasize the power of education and inspiration in shaping students' futures. So, prepare to be enlightened and inspired by a conversation brimming with insightful anecdotes, practical advice, and boundless optimism for the future of education.

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Did you know that your past is not a death sentence to your future? This profound insight came to me during my conversation with the passionate Sharon Bonney, the head of the Coalition on Adult Basic Education (CoABE). Sharon, driven by the inspiring journeys of her grandmother and husband, who both earned their GEDs as adults, is a staunch advocate for adult education. She believes, as do I, that everyone deserves a chance at bettering themselves, no matter their age or prior circumstances.

Sharon paints a vivid picture of the breadth of adult education, from basic literacy to digital literacy, workforce readiness, and even family literacy. But what struck me the most is the transformative power education holds. It's not just about acquiring skills; it's about changing lives, filling workforce gaps, and contributing to economic growth. Sharon also shares details about CoABE's key campaigns - 'Move Ahead with Adult Ed' and 'Educate & Elevate'- designed to bring adult education to the forefront of public consciousness. These initiatives have increased adult learners' access to Wi-Fi and devices, making the digital world more navigable.

Of course, like any important mission, there are challenges. We talk candidly about the difficulties of branding local education agencies and the scarcity of adequate funding for adult education programs. But Sharon's optimism and faith in the power of education shine through. From discussing the COIP wraparound support program's impact to sharing ways to reduce adult education's stigma, our conversation is both enlightening and instructive. So, tune in, whether you're an adult learner, a teacher, or just someone interested in the transformative power of education. This episode is guaranteed to leave you richer in knowledge and, hopefully, inspiration.

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Are you ready to be inspired by a story of transformation and resilience? This episode features a riveting conversation with Mike Acker, a multi-time author and transformational coach. Born to unconventional parents - a drug smuggler and a white witch, Mike's unique journey is packed with unexpected twists and turns. After a radical conversion, his parents moved to Mexico to dedicate their lives to serving the poor. Growing up in this environment, Mike overcame a speech impediment and cultural barriers, all of which have shaped his philosophy and work as a confidence and communication coach.

Delving deeper, we uncover more about Mike's transition into a coach for executive communication. From battling the odds in his personal life to making a career switch from pastoral ministry to sales, Mike's journey is nothing short of remarkable. We discuss his book, translated into seven languages, that has impacted lives globally. Imagine this - a royal sovereign engrossed in his book found at an airport store! Listen in as we talk about how Mike's words have resonated with many and the divine hand guiding his journey.

Finally, we get to pick Mike's brain on his expert strategies for public speaking and building confidence. He breaks down the three sources of confidence - identity, message, and skills - and how to utilize them. He emphasizes authenticity, listening to your audience, and providing value in communication. Tag along as Mike shares invaluable insights from his books on mastering public speaking and transform your fear into confidence. Don’t miss out on this journey through Mike's fascinating life story and his wisdom on communication and confidence building. 

So, are you curious about Mike's unusual upbringing and how it shaped his future? Intrigued to find out about his books that are changing lives around the world? Ready to unlock the secrets to confident public speaking? Then this episode is just for you. Tune in and let Mike's extraordinary journey inspire you.


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Are you ready to be inspired? Grab a cup of coffee and join us as we meet Luna Afroz, the fascinating founder of LunaBags. Luna's journey is nothing short of remarkable. From her immigration to the United States, moving between seven different states, to her transition into entrepreneurship, it's a captivating narrative about tenacity and resilience. Luna takes us into the world of conscious fashion and shares how her vegan lifestyle and her father's work in jute mills inspired her to create sustainable, unisex bags and backpacks. Prepare to be intrigued as we talk about her plans to expand her product line, a testament to her unwavering commitment to sustainability and quality.

But it's not all been smooth sailing. Navigating through the challenges of launching a business amidst a pandemic, Luna shares her insights on understanding customers’ priorities. We delve into the realm of retail marketing, spotlighting the importance of quality products and making sure they’re represented in the right marketplaces. Luna shines a light on the benefits of having a nimble, agile team and how this played a crucial role in her journey. We also delve into her future plans, and her valuable advice for budding entrepreneurs - to pursue your dreams, tune out the noise, and surround yourself with a tribe that believes in you. Luna's story is an inspiring testament to the power of dreams and determination. 

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Ever wondered what it takes to transition from journalism, corporate world, and eventually into entrepreneurship? Well, there's no better person to walk us through this journey than Natalie Byrne, founder of Blank Space. Natalie's story is one of resilience, vision, and a relentless commitment to purposeful business practices. During this episode, she opens up about her transition journey and how her diverse experiences shaped her business. From her admirable work during the pandemic to how she's navigating the 'quick to cancel' culture, there's so much to learn from Natalie's experience.

Making a global impact is no small feat, yet Natalie has shown this is not only possible but essential. She takes us back to her life-changing trip with President Obama to Kenya, which sparked her desire to make a difference in the world. Her advice for aspiring entrepreneurs is clear as day: roll up your sleeves, wear multiple hats, and be ready to put in the work. The transition from being an employee to an entrepreneur is an intense process, but Natalie's insights give valuable guidance on what to expect and how to stay on course.

But that’s not all! Natalie and I also dive into the nuances of conferences, thought leadership, and activism. She emphasizes the significance of being intentional in your spaces, using words and platforms for meaningful communication, and the absolute need for preparation and clarity when standing up for your beliefs. Stories of big corporations like Budweiser and Campbell's provide real-life examples of successes and failures in this arena. Trust us, you wouldn't want to miss the wealth of lessons Natalie brings to this episode! So, buckle up and get ready for an enlightening journey with Natalie Byrne!


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Did you know that CBD could be a pain relief alternative to painkillers? Join me as I sit down with Sylvia Orizaba, the trailblazing founder of Secret Essentials, a Chicago-based CBD company. And not just Sylvia, but also with Corene Summers, a wellness coach and reiki master who combats her Lyme disease with a blend of Western and Eastern medicine. These two extraordinary women have been working collaboratively for nearly half a decade, making waves in the wellness space and bringing relief to many.

What does it take to carve your own path in the crowded CBD industry? Sylvia and Corene share their experiences about how they organically expanded their businesses, trained their customers about the health benefits of CBD, and differentiated their products in a saturated market. We will hear from Sylvia about her meticulous product sourcing and the wide range of products she offers, while Corene opens up about her unique blend of rituals, natural medicines, and CBD to help regain body trust.

As we wrap up, we hear more about their fascinating journeys and future aspirations. They’ve made substantial strides in fostering connection and reducing discomfort in the wellness arena, but they’re aiming higher. We underscore the significance of educating consumers about CBD product usage, setting up a successful retail space in the CBD sector, and promoting self-care through rituals and Ayurvedic practices. So, tune in to get an in-depth understanding of wellness, CBD, and the power of connection, in this power-packed discussion with Sylvia and Corene.

Visit getsacred.com/yourbrandamplified to shop Sacred products and get 20% off using code “BRAND,” and a special link to receive 40% off one 1:1 coaching session with Corene at Artisan Farmacy.

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We have an incredible conversation in store for you! Today, we sit down with none other than the Elite CEO, Tanner, who has journeyed from the football field to the fitness industry, becoming a million-dollar success story. His intriguing experience of growing up as the oldest of seven kids and his dogged pursuit of success despite a series of injuries is something to marvel at. His transition from engineering to marketing and sales, leading to incredible success in selling high-ticket fitness programs, is a testament to his determination and hard work.

As we uncover Tanner's journey, we bring you expert insights into team building and leadership, lessons Tanner learned from his own experience. We'll get into the nitty-gritty of communication styles, the value of experience in hiring, and the necessity of strategic thinkers in a team. We also explore the challenges that accompany stepping back from your own company and making the tough call when someone isn't the right fit. This is a segment packed with valuable advice for any aspiring leader.

We then dive headfirst into Tanner's passion for travel and his groundbreaking thoughts on personal growth. He shares his experiences trotting around the globe, the blessings he discovered in the United States, and his intriguing contemplations on venturing into real estate or tech. We wrap up the conversation with some hard-earned wisdom on entrepreneurship, reminding you that while this path is challenging and mentally draining, perseverance is truly the key to success. So get ready for an episode packed with inspiration, insights, and life lessons you won't want to miss!

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Are you ready to be inspired by the entrepreneurial journey of Onega Ulanova, the founder of Louisiana New Product Development Team? Onega's journey took her from the vast steppes of Kazakhstan to the heart of Louisiana, where she transformed her passion for innovation into a flourishing business aimed at bringing product ideas to life. In this episode, she shares her experiences working on several diverse projects, from consumer products to healthcare, including a menstrual cup designed by gynecologists, which is not only health-improving but also cost-saving for women with low cervix cases. 

Ever wondered how a diverse background can be leveraged to create a unique business perspective and value? Onega is the living example of how diversity can be an immense strength in business. Listen in as she shares how she manages multiple businesses, the importance of delegation for productivity, and her view on the role of Artificial Intelligence in boosting efficiency. Onega’s candid discussion on self-belief and creating impactful change promises to be a source of inspiration and motivation for many.

As we continue our conversation, Onega shares her vision for her company and her expertise in product development. She underlines the need for resources to support entrepreneurs and immigrants in building successful businesses. In an age where AI is fast taking over, she emphasizes the importance of critical thinking and the transformative potential of AI. As she shares her plans for future networking opportunities, Onega’s story serves as a reminder of the power of taking risks, turning a "no" into a "yes", and the limitless possibilities that come with it. So, grab your headphones, tune in, and prepare to be inspired!

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Ever wonder how a leap of faith can lead you to your passion? Travis Albritton of Honest Podcasts did just that. Leaving behind a career in aerospace engineering, Travis embarked on a journey into the world of podcasting. Hear his captivating story as he shares the ins and outs of his transition, how he carved out his niche, and how he turned his passion into a profitable business. Learn from his experience and get insider tips on how to break into this blossoming industry.

 Podcasting, as Travis discovered, has a myriad of opportunities for growth. We discuss its potential in the business landscape, the increasing significance of video, and the intricacies of generating income through podcasting. We also delve into the power of niche markets, leveraging influencers, and producing user-generated content to attract the right sponsors. From the technicalities involved to the importance of having a well-known personality or substantial support behind the production, this podcast episode has got you covered.

Identifying the right prospects for your business and marketing with integrity is something Travis is very passionate about. He shares his wisdom on building trust with your audience, the commitment required, and offers candid advice on planning for long-term success. We also talk about how to ethically grow your podcast, experiment with episode frequency, and leverage influencers for promotion. Travis finishes with his insights on podcast statistics, building a business around it, and his advice for budding entrepreneurs. Tune in and don't miss out on his expert advice on how to make the most out of podcasting.

#podcasting #podcastersofinstagram #podcasts #spotify #podcastlife #podcaster #youtube #radio #applepodcasts #podcasters #podcastshow #itunes #spotifypodcast #newpodcast #interview #entrepreneur #motivation #applepodcast

Ever thought about how to transition from a single mom selling crafts to owning a multi-million dollar business? Jan Cavelle did exactly that, and she's here to share her inspiring journey with us. From navigating the trials of manufacturing to tackling the shifting dynamics of the modern workplace, Jan's resilience is a testament to her entrepreneurial spirit. She also shares the toll running a business for 25 years took on her and how it sparked her new passion for writing.

Dive into the nitty-gritty of business with Jan as we discuss the ever-changing economic landscape in the US and UK. Get insights on how to start and scale a business, how to ensure employee protections, and how to wade through the complexities of current economic conditions. Jan's practical experience and wisdom are a treasure trove for anyone looking to start or grow their business.

But it's not all about the numbers and strategies. Jan also talks about the importance of mental health and balance in the entrepreneurial journey. She candidly shares her experience with burnout, offering valuable advice for entrepreneurs on maintaining a healthy work-life balance. She also delves into the art of storytelling - how to connect with customers on an emotional level, making them want to be a part of your company's success. Don't miss out on this opportunity to learn from a seasoned entrepreneur with a unique perspective on business and personal growth.

#podcasting #podcastersofinstagram #podcasts #spotify #podcastlife #podcaster #youtube #radio #applepodcasts #podcasters #podcastshow #itunes #spotifypodcast #newpodcast #interview #entrepreneur #motivation #applepodcast
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