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AMN Academy


Educators in Brain-Based Corrective Exercise and Applied Movement Neurology

Ever wondered how a #CorrectiveExerciseSpecialist can amplify your fitness journey? Welcome to part three of our Corrective Exercise series, where we dive into complex integrated patterns. Here, I'm demonstrating how we can increase the complexity of our movements by focusing on visual targets and precision.

This is not your everyday workout – we're shifting gears by incorporating an external rhythm, tapping into a tempo of 60 BPM. This increases the demand of a simple crawling pattern, compelling our brain and nervous system to adapt and improve muscle control.

Stay tuned for more unique workouts, designed to enhance not only your physical strength but also your cognitive agility. Embrace this extraordinary approach to fitness and watch your progress skyrocket. Follow for more insights and updates! #CorrectiveExercise #MindBodyConnection #60BPMChallenge #FitnessTips
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