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American GiantClothing & Accessories


Durable, wearable, beautiful staples Made to last, made in the USA

#SupplyChainSpotlight : Amy’s story ↓

Amy grew up in Oklahoma until her family moved to South Carolina in the mid-90s.

With a background in shipping and receiving, a job at Carolina Cotton Works fell into her lap. Amy works as the Shipping Manager at CCW, ensuring that fabrics are correctly wrapped, palletized, and ready to go before leaving the facility. “What I am definitely passionate about is being able to get the fabric to our customers in a timely manner and make sure that we're getting them exactly what they're asking for.”

To Amy, made-in-the-USA equals better quality products. “You buy stuff sometimes from other countries where they're mass-producing things, and it's cheap, even though we're paying a lot more than what it costs for them to make it.” But even more than that, “it's job security, it's economic growth, it's making sure that there are jobs out there for people.”

Amy owns two Classic Full Zips herself and has given several as gifts. “It’s great to be like, ‘This is what we do at my company. We dye and finish this and this company knits the fabric’, and being able to just tell that story.”

Outside of work, Amy loves to garden. “I love growing things, so I keep a spring and summer garden all the time.” This year, she’s trying her hand at a fall and winter garden and is in the process of building a greenhouse. She also crafts homemade soaps and candles, and is active in outreach groups with her church.

She loves to spend time with loved ones at this time of year. Her extended family is spread across the southeast, so sometimes there’s a bit of travel involved, but it’s worth it. “Some of my best holiday memories—and it's still a tradition that I do—is making candies and fudge at Christmas. That's something that my mother and grandmother did when we were younger.”

As far as what she’s looking forward to in the new year? “Well, I have a new grandbaby coming. She is due at the beginning of January, so I'm excited about that!"
#SupplyChainSpotlight : Ronnie’s story ↓

Ronnie grew up on 20 acres of farmland and beehives outside Blacksburg, SC. He and his brother would run and motorbike through the woods and over creeks. “We just had a ball when I was growing up.”

He started in his industry in 1979, working for a number of cotton mills until they shut down (a story we’ve heard all too often). He eventually came to Parkdale Mills, where he now works as an opening technician.

His day-to-day involves cleaning and maintaining all the complex machinery used to process the cotton. “We fix chains, we pull beaters, we pull rollers, we do all kinds of stuff.”

Ronnie deeply values his role in making clothes in the USA. “We're proud of what we do here in the USA in textile. We're really are proud.” It even impacts his own buying decisions. “I usually look at the tag to see where it's made at.”

Outside of work, he enjoys camping and fishing with his three sons. “I bought me a camper. It's about a 33-footer. It's nice.”

Ronnie appreciates how folks slow down this time of year. “The rest of the time is just run, run, run... I enjoy the holidays.” The AG Holiday Hoodie Tour has been a yearly highlight for him. “I bought most of my Christmas from y'all. I had a great Christmas courtesy of y'all.” He bought everyone in his family a Classic Full Zip, and they’re still holding up great.

But more than gifts, Ronnie is especially thankful this year for his employer, Parkdale. “My wife was sick and I had good insurance here at Parkdale. If it hadn't been for them, my wife would've probably passed away… Supervisors, plant managers, everybody asks me about my wife and it's like being family, really.”
#SupplyChainSpotlight : Louise’s story ↓

“Back during the Vietnam War, they were asking women to learn how to sew garments for the soldiers. So my mama got her certificate for sewing, and I took up the training too.” Louise (pictured on the right) has been sewing ever since, and professionally since 1994. After the factory she was working at closed—an all-too-common occurrence—she joined ours in 2013.

When it comes to making clothes in the USA, Louise shares our sentiments. “They need to bring a whole lot of sewing factories back to the USA instead of making it overseas. We have a lot of people here that can sew too and make good quality clothing.”

She specializes in sewing the hoods and pockets for the Classic Full Zip. "I take my time and take pride in my work. Especially when it comes to sewing. If I look at it and it doesn’t look like something I would buy, I know the customer won’t buy it. And then the company is losing money.”

Outside of work, Louise loves crocheting, putting puzzles together, and fishing (freshwater only—“I’ve never been deepwater fishing.”)

Louise has no shortage of gratitude during the holidays. “Christmas is every day to me. If you wake up, that's Christmas. That’s a gift.” She’s thankful for a good job to come to and the good health of her mom, who just turned 88. “You know what, she’s still driving! She’s been blessed.”

It’s meant a lot for her to buy hoodies as gifts during the Holiday Hoodie Tour. She’s given one to each of her three sons and her mom. “I got to show them my stitch and the things that I worked on the hoodies.” She even got one for herself.

On the horizon next year: retiring—maybe. “I don't think I’ll fully retire. I’ll probably work part-time.”
#SupplyChainSpotlight : James’s story ↓

James had been in construction, remodeling, and landscaping his whole life. One day he got a call from a wrong number. Turns out it was Carolina Cotton Works hoping to reach a job applicant. Even still, they got to chatting and invited James to apply. Remodeling work was slow, so he went ahead with the process.

Eight years later, James has worked his way up from the “drug room”—what they call the weigh and dye mixing area—to become the Shade Lab Manager. He loves his job. Even after this many years, he learns something new every day. But it’s not just the work. “It's the people that I work with. It's the people that I work for. It's the environment. That's what keeps me coming back in the door here.”

To James, ‘made-in-USA’ means everything. Items will cost a bit more, but you’re getting something that’s high quality. And even more important, “it means that my neighbors have a job making something. It means that my children have a position to get a job somewhere doing something that's gonna be used for generations and generations.”

Outside of work, he’s a little league coach and a football fanatic—specifically a Dallas Cowboys fan.

The holidays are special for James. “I get excited about the Christmas holiday like I'm still a child.” He’s given nearly everyone in his family an AG hoodie, proudly sharing the product he helped dye the fabric for. “I got eight kids and for a kid to not tear something, to not rip something, that goes a long way.”

He puts his own Classic Full Zips to good use, too. “I actually have two hoodies that I work in, that I fix cars in, or I might go out and build a deck for somebody, and I haven't ripped a hoodie yet.”

And while James loves the joyous mood that the holidays bring, he finds gratitude in just living every day. “Any day that you can go and clock in and make a paycheck to provide for your family, you're blessed. Everything else is a plus.”
#SupplyChainSpotlight : William’s story ↓

When William was in high school, he would get off the school bus every afternoon and go to work at a local factory that made dresses. When he graduated in 1982, he continued in that line of work, first at an underwear factory (which closed in ‘93), then at an outerwear factory (which closed in 2000).

Now, he’s the General Plant Manager of Eagle Sportswear—where our Classic Full Zip is sewn together. He’s been in the same building for 22 years, with no more closures in sight.

While others may regard sewing work as low-end, William doesn’t. “This is a very skilled talent. My company spends three to six months to get somebody trained.” That skill means a deep respect and care for his employees.“They contribute to the bottom line every day. Without them, we’re nothing, and they need to be rewarded and taken care of.”

As the plant manager, William has incredible knowledge of the Classic Full Zip’s construction, and what makes it high quality. “The fabric being a three-end fleece… being ring-spun, it’s soft. It’s durable. Every seam is a covered seam—you sew it together and then you cover every seam, so it’s not gonna tear apart. It’s gonna last you.”

Outside of work, William is active in his church, and he’s a big runner. He just recently participated in a 206-mile relay with 11 other people, 22 miles of which he himself ran. “I enjoy it, it’s a camaraderie.”

To celebrate the holidays, William gathers the whole family together—including folks he maybe hasn’t seen all year—and it’s a big party. “We may have 30 or 40 people.”

This year he’s especially thankful for his steady job and staying busy. “We haven’t had any slow periods all year long. We’re thankful we’re in the supply chain.” As to what he’s looking forward to next year? “Just to keep growing the business. It’s no limits on where we can go.”
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