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water is the source of magic you are water time to live like magic 💦

🌟 Exclusive Invitation: The Inner Circle’s Final Showcase Before Pre-Launch! 🌟
💧 💧💧10am & 8pm UK time SUNDAY 29 OCTOBER 💧💧💧

Greetings LumiVitae Community,
We’re thrilled to extend a personal invitation to you and your guests for a monumental event - the final Inner Circle presentation before LumiVitae steps into the exciting Pre-Launch Phase on November 7. This is your golden ticket to a world of innovation and groundbreaking science before we enter our next exciting phase of the company!
🎤 Hosted by the Visionaries: Join LumiVitae’s CEO, Taryn Lee, alongside the esteemed Dr. Michelle Patrick, for an immersive experience that promises to elevate your understanding of our incredible journey and future offerings of LumiVitae.
🔍 Explore LumiVitae & Revolutionary Science: Dive deep into the heart of LumiVitae, exploring the intricacies of our company and the pioneering work of Nuno Ninas. Prepare to be captivated by his revolutionary science that propels us forward.
💧 Unlock the Power of Molecular Hydrogen: Dr. Michelle Patrick will guide you through the transformative world of molecular hydrogen, unveiling its remarkable benefits and showcasing why it stands as a pillar of health and vitality.
🍀 Introducing the CellPower Hydrogen Water Bottle: Experience the unveiling of our launch product, a masterpiece of innovation – The CellPower Hydrogen Water Bottle. A perfect symbiosis of frequency and hydrogen, this bottle is not just a product; it’s a testament to visionary design and groundbreaking innovation.
🇪🇺 Handcrafted in Europe, Inspired by Nature: Meticulously crafted by the hands of creative genius Nuno Nina, each bottle is a piece of art, echoing the regenerative powers of nature. Engineered to perfection, it transforms ordinary water into a hydrogen-rich elixir, a ‘liquid light’ infused with life-giving frequencies and grounded in the earth’s magnetic field.
🌟 Be Part of Something Bigger: This is your moment to be part of a community that’s at the forefront of health innovation before we have entered pre-launch. This is a very special moment. Don’t miss out on this incredible opportunity to witness firsthand the magic of LumiVitae and the transformative power of the CellPower Hydrogen Water Bottle.
🕑 Stay with Us for a Special FAQ Session:Immediately following the presentation, we have arranged a 20-minute FAQ session to delve even deeper and answer your burning questions. You’ll have the exclusive opportunity to interact with Peter Szazs and Carrie Drinkwine, who are eagerly waiting to share their insights and knowledge with you.
Reserve your spot! Join the Revolution before we officially enter into Pre-Launch on November 7💧
comment or message to get the link!✨️

#hydrogrenrevolution #h2 #miraclemolecule #hydrogenwater #biohacking #innovation #nature #ageofaquarius #livingwater #innercircle #dontmissthis
This week, we are talking all things hydrogen!

💥The first element on the periodic table.
Helium is slightly smaller as an element, however hydrogen is the smallest molecule.
(But we are here to measure and compare nanosizes 😋)

💥Hydrogen is the most abundant element in the UNIVERSE.

Yes, the whole expansive universe.
Hydrogen was like the OG element after the Big Bang.

💥The Sun is made of 98% hydrogen and helium.
Helium and Hydrogen are like this in the space part of the univers 🤞

💥Hydrogen atoms are the most NUMEROUS types of atoms in YOUR body!
They are so light, that they make up only 10% of total mass.
Kind of a trip.
They are mostly attached to Oxygen as water, but also components of biomolecules like proteins, fats, DNA, and carbohydrates.

So, hydrogen for human consumption?
This isn't a brand new thing, scientists have been researching it for a couple decades.

Things to note:
Hydrogen is a sneaky molecule- it can permeate anything (which is great for our bodies), however it can also escape everything (which is a bummer for containing it for consumption)

Creating Hydrogen uses electrolysis, which can produce harmful byproducts if not done correctly.

Unfortunately most of the products on the market, don't do what they claim. The hydrogen either isn't bioavailable, escapes too quickly, or simply just isn't there.

this can be real disheartening when you learn of all the incredible benefits.
Over 170 disease models have been proven to be positively affected by therapeutic hydrogen!

Welcome to hydrogen week!💥

Follow for all the education and excitement!
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