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AmadiTalks אמדי


Wheelie Jew * Spoonie Queer * Black AF * Demi-Woman Femme * GenX * Sick & Tired


Jewish Community Issues

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Reasons Why I’m Angry

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We’re Here, We’re Queer

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#stitch with @Amalia imagine if Hallmark stopped the normal programming on all of their networks at the start of August to show nothing but movies about the High Holidays. It would be such fun. #IfJudaismWereTheNorm #JewWhoHasItAll #ForJewPage #HighHolidays
Replying to @Hyacinthe (They/Them) We are being told loudly and clearly that we’re too inconvenient to matter and I reject this as the status quo.
Your -isms are not ever okay, no matter what you think you know about someone else’s life or health. (You always know less than you want to think.) It’s not okay with #MitchMcConnell or #DianneFienstein or #JohnFetterman , nor #JamieRaskin or #MazieHirono . This isnt a left or right issue. This is an issue of bigotry against anybody who has the temerity to exist publicly with a bodymind that diverges from expectations.
#stitch with @Hana.Mabrouk It’s just that simple.
I’m thankful for #shabbat and spellcheck that learns my commonly used words.
#stitch with @alusammusic human beings were social creatures since the dawn of time. Past tense intentional.
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