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Founder of White Olive Co | Salon Owner & Extension Specialist | Low-Tox Living




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What a lovely journey  created by Alyssa with Alyssa's original sound
EXTENSIONS can actually HELP your hair GROW, become HEALTHIER, and bring so much CONFIDENCE. 🫶🏼

You just need to be sure you do your research when choosing a stylist. I am accepting new guests at the moment 🎉 so DM or text me & come sit in my chair!!

But, if you’re currently looking for a stylist, here is what to ask to know if it’s the right fit for you:

-What installation methods do you offer?
Answer can be 1, but more than one means they have more knowledge on what is best for you.

-Are you certified? With who?
They should have their certificate of proof on hand for you.

-Where does the hair come from?
They should have the location & brand name

-Do you have any clients currently that have traction alopecia from wearing them?
The answer should be no, but if they say yes- it should be from clients they are helping from a previous stylist.

-Can I get to my hair goal safely without damage?
The answer should be yes!! But, if they say no- they should have a back up plan for you that’s safer and still brings you some comfort. (this can be tough sometimes)

-How long should I wait to come back in for maintenance?
All extension methods are different. Should be between 4-10 weeks, but never exceeding unless it’s for a special case)!

-Is the maintenance a removal & re-install OR is it tightening them?
If you get a “tightening” service or “move up” without a full removal… make sure that never happens two times in a row! It’s every over time at least between a full removal and re-install. (K-Tip extensions are a special case.. they go a while with no removal maintenance!)

**This post isn’t to make clients feel they have more work to do, just a back up if they feel lost in trying to find someone they trust! The real message here is if you’re a stylist- and any of those questions I listed above make you feel uncomfortable… STEP UP YOUR GAME!! This is scalp health we are talking about.

P.s. Here are my certifications:
-Certified in 4 installation methods: Tape ins, Ktips, Itips and Sew in Wefts
-I am also a certified extension educator (which means I train other stylists and certify them in these techniques)
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