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Channeled Message, Nov. 13, 2023


Dear One, you can manipulate time. Some of you call this Time Magic. Time does not exist. Time only exists in your concept of what it looks and feels like. Yet it is a tool that you have developed as a species to navigate your cycles. However, you can mold time. Shift time. Arrange time. In a manner you see fit.

For who invented your current understanding of time, and the segments in which you organize time? The clocks. The cycles. The segments. The minutes. The seconds. The hours. The number of hours in a cycle of day and night.

And so, you can birth a new beginning of time. You can birth a new conceptual understanding of time. As you see fit for what you wish to accomplish.

Look to the skies. Look at the universe you live in. Observe the patterns, the cycles, the movement of time. Within your universe. Within your atmosphere closer to your planet. Within your field closer to your body.

What does time mean to you? How do you wish to perceive time? How do you wish to manipulate time? How do you wish to utilize time to best serve your needs?

🎶Clocks by Alex Baker, Sahara Moon


#time #timemagic #manipulatetime #timedoesnotexist #channeledmessage #newearth #newearthconsciousness #newhuman #newhumanarchetype
🐉The moss agate dragon on the left is one I took with me to my Dragon Forest Retreat last May. She is a forest dragon who finally gave me her name weeks ago.

🐲The brown aragonite dragon on the right is an earth and air dragon that has recently joined my crystal family, through my beautiful crystal whisperer friend, Katie-Jane @andcrystals . When I first saw one of these dragons in her shop months ago, it didn't feel aligned for me to get one. But weeks later, more of them joined her shop and oh my goodness, I connected with every single one. Their eyes were full of life and I felt like I was seeing them in the flesh!

This dragon picked me, as the first two that I attempted to purchase were sold before I could check out. He has yet to reveal his name (dragons are quite particular about names, so if a dragon reveals its name to you, please don't share it widely unless they agree to it).

💫We have much work to do, these dragons and I, to prepare to activate the dragon students and apprentices in my Dragon Consciousness Program.

✨If these or other dragons speak to you and you are called to join my next cohort, the course starts on September 21 and the program begins on October 5.

👉🏻More information is available through the links in my bio.


#dragons #dragonstarseeds #dragonenergy #dragonconsciousness #dragonactivation #ascension #lightwarrior #lightworker #lightcodeactivation #starseeds #dragonstarmother #dragondoula #gridworkers #wayshower #5dconsciousness #newearthcodes #newearthfrequency
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