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Original artwork and shop about space, nostalgia & whales, stationery and more!

I feel like I needed this message in my life for the past year or two. Small art businesses who rely on social media or marketplaces to make ends meet have been feeling a lot of pressure lately. I doubt very much that it’s just me, but the nature of these platforms can make one feel isolated with their problems. These pins are now available in my shop. Due to the nature of clear enamel and screen printing, I have quite a lot of seconds to standards this time around. The seconds, therefore, are immediately available too and are a pretty good deal if you don’t mind some minor defects on your pins. 👍

“Is it me?”, “Has my art gotten stale and boring?”, “Am I just not good enough?”, “What am I doing wrong?" These are just some of the intrusive questions that have floated around in my head during a period of bad engagement. It’s those times when I feel like nothing I make or post is going anywhere or good enough anymore. It’s hard to remember that it’s not just me and whatever this funk is, it’s being felt by everyone. I’m hardly alone because the one thing I’ve seen continuously throughout the past year or two is how no one seems to see what they’re putting out into the world anymore. Whether it’s encountering someone’s post on my feed or someone sending me a DM about how their posts seem to disappear into a void these days. No, it’s not fair, because our work is valid and our work deserves to be seen.

I may not have the answers to whatever is wrong at the moment, but I do have a drive to keep going forward because going back or stopping isn’t really an option in my mind. I designed this as a pin initially and wanted it to have clear enamel with a lot of screen printed elements. I’m not sure about how it turned out, especially given the sky high rate of seconds, but I like the message behind it and will pursue it as an acrylic charm at a later date. And if you all like the pin enough, I’ll do another batch even if I do end up with another huge amount of seconds. I mean, I like the seconds pins because I have to be less fussy about them. 😄

Anyway, I kind of ramble in these image descriptions but if there’s something I wanted all you lovelies to take away from this post, it’s this: your work matters, your work is valid, and it deserves to be seen.

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New bookmarks in my shop today! I have four new book tracking bookmarks available now. These are beautiful, double-sided non-laminated bookmarks printed on a sturdy 400gsm card stock featuring a stack of 19 books on either side of them. Each of the 19 books in the stack has a blank spine where you can write in the title of the books you’ve finished reading. These bookmarks are not laminated, so you can easily write on them. This makes them a great way to make and keep your reading goals, track your reading habits or use them as a keepsake of what books you’ve read.

These bookmarks are around 9” in length and each have an overall color scheme; pink, purple, green or blue. Each bookmark is named for a famous historical author and the tassels on these are made from a lovely chainette yarn that I have waaaay too much playing with. The stack of books is the same design on both sides but the books and the mugs are a different color scheme. There are 38 blank spots for you to fill in, 19 on each side of the bookmark. These are durable as they’re a pretty thick card stock and will hold up for a while as you use them as bookmarks and write on them.

I’ve been working on these for a few weeks and I’m excited to see how you all like them. I filled one out as an example, but I’m in the process of filling out an actual one right now—except I goofed up while I was filming me writing on it because I misspelt the book title but you know what? Nobody needs to know… 👀 Anyway, I found it really fun to slowly fill out my bookmark with the novels that I’ve read. And I like to look back on the previous titles and think about the stories. 🥰

Anyway, please check out my sh0p for these bookmarks. They’re a cute, practical and beautiful gift for the book lover in your life—or maybe you love books too and want a keepsake of which books you’ve read over a period of time!

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