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Things have come along way since I started to code, we used to spend most of our time faffing around with backend code sorting out database, API routes and server set up 😱

Now the world has Supabase, a back end as a service that uses open source technologies to help you start your project in a weekend and scale it all the way up to IPO and beyond! 🚀

Supabase launch their new features in Launch Weeks, a jam-packed week of feature releases, videos and tutorials! Next week is Launch Week
#6 and I’m excited to see what they have been working on.

If you love the frontend and don’t relish working through the backend then Supabase is 100% for you, even if you love some backend work then Supabase is still the way to go as there is no faster way to get a SQL database set up and running and, as everyone knows, friends don’t let friends use NoSQL in 2022 😉

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1️⃣ Linked List: Like an array except each element is in two parts, the value and then a point to the next item in the list.
2️⃣ HashMap: like a dictionary where you store data at a location determined by a key, they key is often a “hash” of the data being saved to aid quick retrieval later
3️⃣ Queues: Like an array (or Linked List 😉) where you process the items in the order they were inserted, you can only access the last item and you can only add items to the start. This is a First On First Out data structure.
4️⃣ Stack: Like a queue except you can only add and remove to the top like a stack of plates or paper. This is a Last In First Out data structure.
5️⃣ Trie: Like an upside down tree it allows you to break data down into efficiently navigable structures where shared data patterns overlap, the best example is a (literal) dictionary of words. The words “hello” and “help” share the first three letters and then break off.

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Also, their powerful AI Code Complete feature helps you write code by leveraging the power of and knowledge already out there on the internet and their Chrome extension means you can search directly from your address bar so you get the best search experience every time.

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Top tips for being a digital nomad:

1️⃣ Get a big battery pack, keeping your devices powered is vital 🔋
2️⃣ Get an eSim with at least 10GB of data a month, you need to be online and you can tether to your laptop if you can’t get WiFi 📱
3️⃣ Find a coworking space, when you need to “Just get work done” you can’t beat a coworking space 👩‍💻
4️⃣ Use a VPN like @webroot
#wifisecurity so you can use any wifi network and know your data is secure 🔐
5️⃣ Noise cancelling headphones are a must, even if you don’t work listening to music you can pop them in to get some quiet when working in public 🎧
6️⃣ Know your visa restrictions, DO NOT mess about with visas, each country is different and it’s on you to know what you are allowed to do and not allowed to do 👮
7️⃣ Be flexible! Part of being a digital nomad is to see the world, so make time to do that. Work is important but if you hear about a great event at 2 pm then make time to go and flex your work around it 🎉
8️⃣ Do a test trip before committing long term, it’s easy to think you’ll love travelling and working but it’s not for everyone. Before committing to some 12 month long journey do a short 2 or 3 week tester to make sure it works for you 🧪
9️⃣ Plan work for your flights. You will spend a large amount of time in airports and planes, it’s usually dead time, try to make the most of it and get work done instead, you can then make the most of your time in country ✈️ I bought a course I could do 100% offline to make the most of my time in the air
1️⃣0️⃣ Get a portable monitor. Having a thin, lightweight second screen is a massive productivity booster and worth the investment - especially if you are writing code like me! 🖥️

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